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Best of 2010

And if I had time to play all the other great games of 2010, damn, this list would probably would have looked like something else!

List items

  • With an amazing gameplay and a multiplayer that never stops being fun, Bad Company 2 has been a great game having during the whole year. With Vietnam just out, it doesn't really seem to dissapoint and will be having me hooked for a long time to come!

  • I'm a huge fan of great games that doesn't really do much in the end. The way CE DX changed the gameplay of Pac-Man improved it drastically and really ended up being a really awesome product that I'm sure will continue to be played the coming year. It's however quite sad that I'm the only one on my friendslist playing this awesome game.

  • I never really liked the Halo franchise. I thought the characters were kind of boring, the gameplay wasn't interesting and a story not really that impressive. However, Reach had a great campaign with the Noble Team. The ending is just awfully touching and the feel of sorrow throughout the campaign really sets in with the great soundtrack.

  • A well known puzzler got upgraded with a few modes making it more addictive then ever. At times, there's nothing as relaxing as playing the Zen mode after having battled out in Lightning and taking that 450,000 points score.

  • With (almost) brilliant storytelling and characters that really were memorable, Heavy Rain stod out as on of the first games that I really liked during the year. It's just sad however that the plot left some holes unfilled. But the journey through it was however splendid!

  • It might seem odd to add a game that I suck balls at playing in multiplayer and a game which I haven't finished the single player campaign. But Starcraft II is so much more. The whole community around the game and the E-sport part has made such an awesome experience through the whole year. I find myself always looking at videos in a weekly manner nowadays, and that makes up for a whole lot.

  • I never was a huge fan of Devil May Cry. It always felt as something was lacking when playing it or that the insane difficulty always prevented me from going further. Bayonetta however, even if it's not easy, felt like a challenge that was perfectly suited for me. However, the music and the insane characters will be the games best parts.

  • Holy crap. What a surprise this was. I mainly bought this because of the nice thing of having some money donated to charity through video games, but damn, what a surprise! Totally awesome combo of music and puzzling, even better then Lumines in my opinion.

  • Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Success. Proceed to next level. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die.


  • Alan Wake shared an inspiring story with great characters, an episodic progression and stunning looks. And that was about it. Even though I did enjoy it, I must say that I didn't find the gameplay all that good. However, when walking through the forest and seeing a shadow I got scared like nothing else! And it turned out to be stone. That is what makes this game good.