Best of 2010

List items

  • Play it. GOTY; it shouldn't even be questioned. Surprised anyone even debates it. A masterpiece.

  • Late to the list...beat it in 2011 but definitely one of the top games. Story was fun and interesting as well as the combat. I wish it were a bit more survival horror and less action-oriented.

  • Still, despite any flaws, nothing comes close to the racing in this game.

  • Surprisingly good. I'm not a huge fan of hack n' slashers but between this and God of War 3...they got me this year. And, yes, I rate this better than GOW3.

  • It's God of War again. But some of the boss battles are insane; stuff never seen in a game and never done again thus far. Ending was horrible, however.

  • Haven't finished it yet, but it's easy to see it's one of the best games this year and probably the best of the Assassin's Creed games.

  • The best fighter around.

  • I love MMA. I wish more people did. Sadly, this game appears to be a dud (not surprising since it doesn't have the UFC brand). I ended up selling it because I mainly bought it for multiplayer and it became annoying having a difficult time finding players online. Shame because it not only is a really good MMA game but a great fighting game in general.

  • I feel the need to put a shooter on here. When I think back at all the ones I played...Halo Reach, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty Black Ops. What stands out? MAG.

  • Not GOTY by any means, imo, but a unique experience that I'll mention. It kept me entertained from start to finish. However, the killer was a major let-down and once you have beaten it there isn't any excitement to play it again.