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I think I've been to two places where it literally doesn't stop raining. That's quite annoying. One has a shrine in a pit where, I believe, you are suppose to hit a rock into the wall to break it open. It's a very fun task. Lining up your hits is too imprecise.

There's one shrine that is basically golf that is quite annoying. The first hole is easy which is all you need to complete but there is a second hole that is near impossible that unlocks a chest. I left it but I'm wondering if there is a good item there since it's such a difficult one to get. I've only found one item that wasn't a weapon in a chest in the shrines so I'm hoping it's something like that.

If anyone knows what shrine I'm talking about, just tell me if that chest is even worth it. I marked it on my map to come back to later. I broke my club weapons trying to get it so I had to leave it be.

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Has anyone got to the last boss with not enough ammo? I'm a hoarder of ammo in games like this... I'm sure most people are but I'm always concerned about bosses like the last one. You must have some decent fire power to kill it from what it appears.

I died the first time because I spammed my entire flamethrower at it and she killed me anyway. I guess that weapon is weak? I saved up all my grenade launcher ammo until the end but used it all in the salt mines when it spams those fat guys at you. Luckily I had a decent amount of shotgun ammo to kill her. Never got the magnum since I didn't get enough antique coins.

The game was half good, imo. The back half was more combat focused than I liked. The best stuff was at the beginning in the house when you are avoided the dad. Makes me want to go back and play Outlast because that's pretty much all that game was from what I recall. Makes me wonder why all the people proclaiming horror games are back! There's been some good stuff here and there like Outlast.

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Anyone play any games where they actually saw issues or didn't see an improvement (if there needed to be an improvement like FPS being bad)?

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I'm only 30 mins in and it's already exceeded my expectations. I had zero interest when this was first announced (I partly thought it was a VR game only when I first heard about it). But I played through the demo once (got the bad ending) and that sold me on the game.

Only bummer to me so far is your character seems so monotone and barely reacts when he is attacked for the first time. Game is super pretty though.

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Have only gotten to floor 11-12. How important is it to use/level up guns and ranged weapons? So far, I've been exclusively using melee weapons and it's worked fine. I notice a number of enemies on floor 12 have guns and I'm scared that will be crucial later on in the game. Is it doable only using melee weapons?

I'm on those floors as well 11-12-13. I'm having no issues using melee; just hide behind corners until the ranged enemies rush at u.

However, these floors have basically stopped me from playing. I've gone up and down escalators over and over and cannot find where to go to progress. All the escalators that go up are locked off. I think floor 12, maybe, has an icon that there is a boss fight on that floor but I've explored every nook and cranny of it and cannot find a boss. Really not sure where to go.

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Not to highjack the thread, but I didn't think it deserved a new one and it's graphics related...

Anyone download the ultra texture pack as well? Steam reviews are glowing saying it looks "amazing!!!" but also mention it tanks ur FPS. I downloaded the pack, it says its installed and I have an option to set textures to Ultra. Yet, I really can't see a difference in game nor did it hurt my FPS. Makes me wonder if it's even working. Anyone have it working and can see a difference?

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@bybeach said:

Steam has already broken my heart.

But I still have Let it Die!

Yes, my world still makes sense....

Exactly what I went to. Oh 3 hour Let it Die! update. Thanks.

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I played for 30 mins but wasn't really feeling it much. Mainly bought it because of the art style. What should you be trying to do at the start? I could find very little Resin to build things that seemed important. All I got was a Research thing. And I built a bunch of tethers but was not having much luck finding resources.

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I'm on level 9 right now with 4 fighters. How do you get higher level fighters? Mine are all maxed out but the highest level is 26 which, from the screenshot above, I can see you can go much higher.

Also, do defenses against raiders really work well? I've raided 3 times. Two of those had zero defenders so I just stole stuff and left. One had four defenders which I breezed through. I've put 3 of my 4 fighters as defenders and decked them out in my highest gear and they are maxed out level-wise for what I'm able to do right now but I just don't see them, being controlled by the AI, putting up much of a fight.

Also, during the tutorial you were able to grab one of the enemies and take them back to your base. I've yet to be able to do that in a real raid. How does that work? It seemed helpful farming the captured player for that blue currency stuff.

The game is really fun though; I'm surprised they didn't sell it for at least 20 bucks or so. I've yet to feel any need what-so-ever to put real money into it.