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Games that angered my blood.

This list is about games that really pissed me off. Games that made me hate their existence and sometimes the developers.

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  • The more I played the game the more I started to hate it. The game play started to grate on me the more I played it. The premise and story is so ridiculous. I know most games' story are ridiculous, but this one angered my blood.

  • Only played the demo but I couldn't take the accents after 10 minutes.

  • This game. This game with such a great premise, but wasted potential. This game made me hate DICE as a gaming developer. This game made me smash two controllers. I threw them to the ground and smashed them with my foot. I ripped the DVD out of my 360 and broke it in half. When the game flows, it is awesome. It rarely flows because the trial and error is so high. I do look forward to a sequel. There is potential for a good game and a sequel could fix the poor designs. Oh and DICE, the moment Celeste was introduced I knew she would betray Faith later in the story. Try to avoid such cliched plot twists next time.

  • I have never liked a Resident Evil game. Bad camera and controls are my biggest deal breaker in a game and RE is one of the biggest offenders. I rented it a year or two after it came out because my online friends loved it. 30 minutes was all it took to send it back to Gamefly. The controls still piss me off. I would rather watch the movie than play an RE game because Milla Jovovich rules.

  • Chris Taylor seems like a really nice guy who really tries to make games that appeals to everyone. Unfortunately his games are like a Ron Howard movie, bland and white bread. The opening scene is awesome. One I remember to this day. The fact there are no load times means you could lose hours in the game. Until you realize the game is boring because it almost plays itself. Diablo may be a click fest, but I am actively doing something. Dungeon Siege you click once and watch the action while occasionally using the heal hotkey.

  • I've come to realize that film noir is a story telling method I do not like. I will admit I played the Xbox version, but when I played the sequel on the PC, I still didn't like it. I may one day give this series another chance. After loving Alan Wake, I decided to give these games another chance and bought them off Steam for $3.00. I very well could change my mind. It has happened before, but that's another list.

  • I don't think Reach is a bad game, but it really made me mad. What set me over the edge was co-op legendary. Every fight was the same group of enemies. It was the Elites with the cannons that made the game so frustratingly difficult. I can deal with a challenge, but in the end I couldn't take dealing with them in every fight. It pushed me away. The hunters were more fun to deal with than them.

  • I have always found enjoyment in the Spider-Man games. Free-styling around New York never got old. The buggy camera never bothered me. That was until I started playing this game. This game has made me hate all future SM games and all past SM games. This is the glitchiest SM game. It's also the most repetitive. All you do is fight the same enemies. All the optional missions like racing have been removed. After an hour there really is no need to play any further. Sure they added moral choices, but as far as I could tell it didn't effect game play.