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Space Pirates And Zombies (S.P.A.Z.) Review 0

I’d be lying if I wasn’t immediately gripped just by seeing the title of this game: Space. Pirates. Zombies. This game hits the nostalgia funny bone hard (as if there was such a thing).The game starts out simple enough with your mothership being nearly destroyed and you having to go on fetch quests to get it back in working order, restoring parts, your crew, and the group of ships. However, the training wheels quickly come off and the difficulty increases (though you can adjust the difficulty at...

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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Review 0

From the start of the game – you are thrust into a world of chaos. Storytelling in Shadow Planet is kept to a minimum and told in little vignettes with the swelling orchestral music of Dimmu Borgir’s “Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse”. These scenes are somewhat calming despite what you are seeing on-screen. A scourge has struck a nearby planet, and it’s up to you to save it and your Homeworld.Exploration, scanning, finding weapons and upgrades, backtracking with newly acquired weapons, and figh...

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Bastion Review 0

A new kind of apocalypse has occurred, named “The Calamity” and it has struck this beautiful watercolor world. You are the Kid – the sole survivor of the world that’s been shattered around you during your slumber. One thing that becomes apparent is that the narrator is not scripted in the sense that he says the same thing at the specific points of the game. Instead, the narrator details YOUR adventure as how you play it. With each movement or action, the Stranger as he comes to be known has some...

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Ms Splosion Man Review 0

Splosion Man has finally been captured, and now Big Science is celebrating. But amongst the joy, an accident occurred, inadvertently creating a female version of the man who loves to splode. Ms Splosion Man starts off with her escape from the labs as she explores Big Science City. There’s little to no tutorial here, forcing you to learn as you go if you’re not familiar with the controls from the prior game.I wouldn’t say the difficulty that Splosion Man ended on, picks up here – but is certainly...

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Duke Nukem Forever Review 0

NOTE: This review covers PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 versions of Duke Nukem Forever. However, I only had time to play the Steam (PC) version for the purpose of this review.If you have your mind made-up about Duke Nukem Forever, then there is nothing I will be able to say to change that stance. However, if you don’t have an opinion one way or the other regarding Duke Nukem or the game of Forever, please read on as I may allow you to make the best decision for yourself. Which immediately bring...

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Frozen Synapse Review 0

Mode7 creates the most eye-pleasing, strategically diverse game you’ll play all year. The story is thin, but you are on the good side of a good vs evil battle that requires a lot of tactics and staying one step ahead of your enemy to succeed.From the moment you start Frozen Synapse, you are treated to a neon blue that is visually appealing. The graphics are beautifully simplistic. There’s nothing wrong with that, the game gives only what you need to see without any clutter and it’s gorgeous for ...

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Anomaly Warzone Earth 0

I can easily say that Anomaly is the most refreshing strategy game I’ve played in about 5 years. Whoa there, I’m using my ending line first? Yes, because if you see the words “strategy” and “tower defense”, most people start deleting the website from their favorites. Anomaly Warzone Earth flips the script on the tower defense genre by creating tower offense.You play as the leader of of a group of future military group sent to investigate the mysterious crash of an unidentified flying object that...

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HOARD Review 0

This action strategy game from Big Sandwich Games is where you play AS the Dragon! There’s no story, it’s an arena game that can be played online, offline, or co-op (local and internet). The premise is simple: Destroy, upgrade, and steal as much gold as you can in the time allotted to win.There’s four modes to HOARD: Treasure (standard), Princess Rush, HOARD, and Co-Op. Treasure is the standard mode where you (solo or against 3 other enemies, AI or player-controlled) fight for the highest stack ...

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Swarm Review 0

Controlling your minions in Swarm has gameplay that’s reminiscent of Pikmin on the Nintendo GameCube or Overlord in recent years. The difficulty quickly ramps up to that of Super Meat Boy frustration (at points). While it doesn’t require lightning-quick reflexes, it does rely on trial and error. And you will error, a lot. Death for your swarmites isn’t the end, but a means to an end. You see, you are rewarded to kill a few of your swarmites to help reach a goal or extend the combo meter. Kill to...

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You Don't Know Jack Review 0

You don’t know jack, and neither do I – still, after all these years. That is of course, you’re the type who game the game until you remember all the answers to the questions. There is a hiccup with that idea though, there are 730 questions total in the game. Each episode has 10 questions and 73 episodes in total (excluding DLC that is now out). The humor-infused to the basic trivia game format is the bread and butter of this long-running, formerly PC-only series. The host this time is Cookie Ma...

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Torchlight (XBLA) Review 0

To read my PC review of Torchlight for comparison or as a companion, go hereIf you’re returning or just coming into Torchlight for the first time, enjoy your stay – you’ll be here awhile. Torchlight for the Xbox Live Arcade is an in-depth, addictive, action RPG that you haven’t seen since the likes of Diablo. And for good reason, Runic Games was formed by Max Schaefer and Erich Schaefer – the original creators of Diablo.Before you begin your journey, you start at the character creation screen. N...

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Infinity Blade Review 0

The rule of thumb for mobile games is to make something that you can play for 5-10 minutes and then you move on to another game or reach your destination. Infinity Blade does it’s best to defy that rule of thumb. You start your questline as a warrior out to destroy the God-King, the immortal warrior who has yet to be defeated. It is a typical in RPG-style game where you gain experience from kills and can find treasures of health potions, cash, or new equipment. When you Level Up, you can put you...

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Mafia II Review 0

Let me preface this review by saying that I never played the 2002 original, Mafia. Having completed Mafia II, I do not feel that the prior game and this game have a storyline connection that would hamper your enjoyment.The game puts you straight into the action as Vito Scaletta alongside his best friend Joe Barbaro. You two get into some hairy stuff, which forces you into the Army and are in Sicily fighting the Nazi’s. You come home and your best friend Joe and his “connections” get you discharg...

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Torchlight Review: Click the Night Away 0

Torchlight Review: Click the Night AwayIt's been about 6 months since Torchlight was released, and yet I am STILL playing this game using different classes, ratcheting up to harder difficulties, and using different skill trees.Torchlight is created by Runic Games. The team contains some of the original creators of Diablo from that company that has something to do with a very windy and heavy snow storm. Once you play the demo of Torchlight you'll see where it's inspirations and mechanics derive f...

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