Luchadeer of Thrones

Did a bit of extras work for Game of Thrones last week, living in Belfast has a few perks. Spent the night dressed in what can only be described as the equivalent of a medieval duvet standing about in the mud for close to 8 hours, I think I did the Giant Bomb community right by wearing my Luchadeer t-shirt under my battle garb. Needless to say you won't see it in any footage, because the likelihood that I could even pick myself out of a few hundred strong line up of somewhat hairy men is slim.

From what I've seen, and what the books tell, series 2 is going to be awesome



I don't have anything to say. I own a lot of games, I haven't finished one in the past 3 years, as i get distracted by new ones. I hope, with your help, to finish at least 1 this year. Thanks