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EA Sports F1 series Games I've Played

Image Space Incorporated who develop this series, become SimBin, and once more! the title change to Sector3 Studios, something to do with bankruptcy! still, this series was famous with a logo of "EA Sports It's in the game"

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  • I'm not satisfying in these 2-hour play in a gaming cafe, and so I bring it to my new PC later ;)

  • I didn't note anything new, or any change of graphics, even same roads, yet the Season word give the impression of reality event ;)

  • They add new sports players. I really approve of the practice system, it's good for a newbie.

  • Didn't found any new F1 games, not on PS2 or even PC, only this was at that time! not different from that before, but still the only F one around!

  • I'm not against that the game became easy to play in F1, but kinda ridiculously too easy to play. still fun :p

  • Still not sure, why they did not re-release the game on GOG or steam now! it's has an amazing practice system!