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Is it possible Mobiles Games could be better than PC or Console games in Futures!? especially all have Mobiles now 😜

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Puzzle Quest Series I've Finished & Played

I played a lot of (tile-matching games ) on Hand-Held, and after years of abandon this type of games here PQ shows up with new rules, and start call it (match-three gems) with spell level up, and story with impression of adventure..etc so after all these games they made, it's not a time to make a game that completely RPG, I mean when look to the details and the monster collection it's really just need to forum it into 3D open world games, and they had a good experience now, they have a bank data of envornuminet, and fantasy world's, it's not the time*

List items

  • Good to get out from war games from time to time, and you can level and use spell!

  • The Puzzle Quest It is back in its new look with Neat art and cool design. GG

  • The game is vaast and a lot of new build, unlike kingdom! Here I can keep improve my unite (card) without loosing it, I wish to spend more hours, but the ad hack full screen really anuoiyng, perhaps in future with deffrent device.

  • No wonder to see Jake & Finn in games xD

    They add buffs and improved the negative effect and way to remove it when use items druing battle, PQ keeps evolving. GG

  • Played it on pc, and I liked the design of the board, something suite the galactic space 😆

  • New system play, exacaculy like playing TRPG, but for me this game not complete, or to be more specific, the game could be more better.

  • PQ in medieval era, and different than the last one, here I have a group of units to conqure land and occupied fortresses. GG

  • Everything is an order, at first time, this is a perfection, but latter the AI become miserably boring, just becouse it's know what upcoming falling gems, thats still not shown on screen yet, ridiculously.

  • It's good improve, but can't continue with stolen number account :/