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Puzzle Games I've Finished and Played

The main idea is to think to solve - puzzle*

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  • My friend insist to play this game, not half bad, it has memory, but in time I was so excited to play the new games in PS2! unforgivable:E

  • Good smart 2D puzzle game.

  • The game give a cool mood, I really had a fun time. puzzle mix with fantasy and you have many options to reach the end of the side.

  • Cool game, nice looking, simple, and cool mode.

  • Add few more tricks, and of course, more play fun time xD

  • Word in loos needs to survive, so you need to solve the puzzle and make your way forward to an unknown destination! "that's how I saw it"

  • I asked for Dancing Eyes on PS! instead, he gives me this CD, still, I start to like the Maze games, wonder if any reboot with more improve.

  • Finished Zuma, and want more, and this one feel good too.

  • Good fast fun game.

  • I don't recoil any others, know how to play this game, not even on the internet, at that time 1998 xD

  • One of these games, I played, when my PC is not healthy :p

  • Only play it, since my PC can't run any more new games xD

  • I like it, and fun when choosing the higher difficult to mix the color of cards.

  • Music check, snacks check, it's night check, no one around check, Time to cool my self and play FreeCell :)

  • It wasn't easy to play, and cool mode.

  • The same as old one, and the main point, is Solitaire time xD

  • Call it just (Nard) I mastered in the real board, and to see it as a game on windows, was cool too, only I played alone, don't know if it has 2 players, would try it with other players even now :D

  • I played this game on win 98 if I not mistaken, and I take a lot of time till figure out how to play it 😥