Games that disappoint me in the end.

The Games I was waiting for, or actually eager to get it, but in the end my hope lost when try it :\

But still, perhaps one day going to give it another chance and try it.

List items

  • I really tried to play but just can't! talent is gone, balance drop has gone, the historic art is gone, the Hellroadcore gone! runes are gone! what left just another completely new game.

  • They change the whole game from TRPG to a one-step move Chess game! like M&M lol

  • Bad gameplay, with low options, and hard to make any progress, also the story just geek freelancer! 2006! I going to give another chance but until then it's bad.

  • 3 time try this game, yet just can't! something off about it, perhaps there's nothing special, so I keep delete it!

  • My imagining didn't stop until they released with shocking all, that's the game is online! and no single-player story :(

  • My imagining was looked like: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Halo, And-romeda galaxy, HellGateL guns&sword and build talent spell, Monster Hunter, but it's Destiny warFarm money sheep game!and for online...

  • I tried to play it, but it's not like 1 or 2, something not right! perhaps the art changed so the game looks diffrent....and bad!?

  • So disappointed, was expecting something like free space with a free fighter, dive into the galaxy as you want, and no way the game with so much button and order will be good! never.