Metal Slug Games Series I've Finished & Played

MS was like a curse on me, every weekend at night, and of course with one coin. At that time this game is fps guns, and a nice collection of machine wepons, specially that cool looking tank, without ability rotate the canon! not to mention the secret area, and hidden old guys. I also included in this stack (In The Hunt) it's same designer from MS, and older, or rather to say the orginal Metal slug ;)

1996~2002 Metal Slug 1, complete it...can't count

1998~2002 Metal Slug 2, complete it...can't count

1999~2005 Metal Slug x, complete it...can't count

2000~2005 Metal Slug 3, complete it...can't count

2006~2014 Metal Slug 4, complete it 5x times

2006~2014 Metal Slug 5, complete it 3x times

2006~2014 Metal Slug 6, complete it 2x times

2019 Metal Slug 7, complete it 2x times

2009~2014 Metal Slug Anthology, complete it 3x run times.

1998~2019 In the Hunt, complete it 2x times

2021 Metal Slug Attack, lvl 44.

2015 Metal Slug defense, try few times

List items

  • My favorite move is to turn joystick 360 degrees while jumping in the air and shooting with (H) gun, that's will cover all screen, and to play alone better ;)

  • Memory: In each end of week "Friday" I play the game alone in night 8:00~10:00, to pot my nickname "U.F" on top of the list ;)

  • It's the same as 2, but with mix unites, that's mean you need to memorize the unites wave ones more.

    Memory: at the beginning, none beat it alone, the second player is needed for help to take a vehicle in the last mission.

    Trick: Strategy to play in 2 co-player, one on each side, and one to push the screen, that's is a perfect play and high score.

  • Shocking! a new MS, with new, unites, new creeps!

    Trick: To turn to a zombie is useful when playing a co-player.

  • Was happy to see old arcade game come to PC, and another wholly run play to series ;)

  • Same designer of MS series. the game old style play! that's you need to discover how to defeat each boss, and to memorize face "wave" enemy, in order to avoid to be corned in the screen, and I really loved the art of the game xD

  • It was like we played 1! they include many vehicles this time, and it's was really fast!

  • Always something new MS brings! wasn't fancy as 3, since for me the best last episode was 3.

  • Nothing new! or nothing that deserves to be mention in this episode! just the same chapters from late of series! randomly, anyway fun MS time xD

  • This one was hard, I can till, no wonder they made an autosave for each chapter. I was jealous of DS player, they play it in 2008, but here I'm with Ralf ;)

  • Not that hardcore to play, just enjoying the neat art gifs from MS universe :)

  • It's the old version of MSA, to be fair, this one is more balanced, no super unite, or any SNK invaders, recently the game is off!

  • I think the game will be such BF Heroes, which at least this is good!