Not happy with Max Payne 3

Max Payne?
Max Payne?
When I first heard about Max Payne 3 I was excited, but now after the concept art and screenshots have been release I'm now longer interested in it. I'm not saying I believe it will suck, but when the character doesn't look like he used to and it is not set in a big metropolitan city it doesn't feel like a Max Payne game. It feels more like they are just using the name to sell a generic third-person shooter.

I would love to see another game that had a film noir feeling in it. The original Max Payne character was original in the gaming world (sure there are a lot of noir detectives in the TV and movie world, but not in the gaming world).

I'm will be keeping my eye on Max Payne 3 to see what the reviews says about it, but because it doesn't look like a Max Payne game I'm not putting it on my must-buy list.