LA Noire final impressions (SPOILERS)

I really liked L.A. Noire.

That being said, I am highly disappointed with it now that I am done.  The way they switched characters at the end really took me out of the action.  Throughout the game I felt like Cole was a great character, damaged perhaps but that adds to his character.  


What a predicament.

So I find myself in a bit of a situation. I have a bunch of half finished games, and I don't want to play any of them!  For some reason I can't find any motivation to:

A) Finish all the racer events in NFS:HP
B) 100% Mercenaries 2
C) Finish Two Worlds II

So I find myself defaulting to SMB a lot.  The issue with this is that I am pretty much done all the content that is anything less than diabolical.  I rage quit sometimes before I even complete even a single Dark World level or bandage get.  As such, my gaming time has been cut down for no reason other than lack of motivation.

*le sigh*


Rage quit NFS Hot Pursuit, can't wait for Portal 2.    Guess I'll have to finish some XBLA games.