Top 10 Favorite Games

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  • One of the first games to truly showcase the evolution of video games into a dynamic story-telling medium. Gorgeous graphics, realistic environments, memorable characters, and engrossing gameplay. While not everybody loved it, it remains one of my all time favorite gaming experiences.

  • A deep and impactful story which was probably a bit too complex for the age at which I played the game, so I basically enjoyed it for all the mech fighting that was going on. The soundtrack was a work of art as well.

  • One of the few games that I can recall spending long hours at the arcade playing. I was never good at the game back then, but to this day it remains one of my favorite fighting games for its fast pace and just being overall a lot of fun to play, without taking itself too seriously. Probably my favorite of the Mortal Kombat games.

  • A game that you would not expect to put over 430 hours into, yet somehow it managed to happen to me. One of those games that I would play up until 5 am in the morning, falling asleep with the controller in hand. I think the social elements kept me so involved with the game, and I still talk to some people online which I initially started talking to in the game. Great character design and a beautiful soundtrack made this a standout console game for its time.

  • Jet Grind Radio is such a wildly different game, and is a testament to the imaginative and creative Japanese game design. With superb art direction coupled with a crazy and offbeat soundtrack, Jet Grind Radio definitely has place on my all time favorites list.

  • One of the first console based games I had played when I got a Game Gear as a gift from my grandma. I never got into Mario games when I was young so Sonic the Hedgehog was the console mascot for me.

  • A generally underrated game showcasing what the DS was best at, utilizing two screens for frantic touch-screen action. With a lot of style behind its design, as well as a perfectly matched soundtrack, it was one of the best DS games released.

  • Space, aliens, guns. That should just about describe why it's on here, but this game was another defining moment of storytelling in games. With a complex world and story crafted by Bioware, along with its decision-making gameplay, Mass Effect 2 really makes you feel involved with its universe.

  • One of the earliest games that I have a good recollection of from my childhood, I played this on an Amiga. I think one of the reasons I was fond of this game back then was because it made it seem like you had more of a control over the world and the game itself through its text-bassed gameplay. I didn't know much English back then and had an English-speaking friend help me with playing through it, and I don't think I even got that far in it.

  • One of the few PC exclusive games that I recall enjoying, Sam & Max was hilarious and entertaining. The characters made for a perfect fit for a point-and-click adventure, and in my opinion this titles surpasses the recent Telltale Games series.