So I joined a Gym...No really.

Dear Duders.

Sweep posted a Tweet the other day saying he had joined a Gym, because of that I was up till 1AM laying in bed thinking about joining a gym. I though to myself, I live so close (10 mins away) and I usually have about £800 spending money as I only pay £90 a month rent and thats it. So I went there today for a look around, only to walk out with unlimited access to all the classes and the equipment + Free Swimming and other classes in a different gym in a nearby town. I'm not sure if I was taken for a ride, but i feel very good about myself. I've had GYM equipment before, but there is hardly any motivation at home, if I work out in front of others then I will feel more inclined to keep going.

So I ended up paying £20 for this month because of a deal, and the rest of the months are £32. Its not a contract so I'm not forced into a year, I can back out 30 days in advance. I'm going there tonight for a fitness test, to see where I'm at, I'm guessing it's not going to be too great. Although I'm not fat at all I'm what people call Skinny fat. I have the outside of a average duder but inside I'm guessing I'm obese. I do literally no excerise other than walking to work and I eat crap most days. Hopefully this will encourage me to eat better to so eventually I'll be a healthier guy. Tomorrow night I'm got a Boxercise class and the next night I have a spinning class, whatever the hell that is I have no idea!

What do I want out of it? I'm not really looking to loose a lot of weight, maybe loose a bit of my gut but all I really care about is being a healthier individual. So yes, thank you oh glorious Hamburger.