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After this review has been read feel free to burn it. 0

World of Goo was an outstanding game that had an interesting subplot and a mixture of clever physic based puzzles and a charming atmosphere. If you go into Little Inferno thinking you are going to get the same experience you will be disappointed, Little Inferno is not that difficult and some people would question whether it is even a video game, but if you know what to expect going in then you will discover one of the most original games that you can get for your new Wii U system.As soon as you ...

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They made Borderlands again, but better in every single way. 0

I did not play Borderlands when it came out originally, I only picked it up weeks before the release of Borderlands 2. I ended up playing it through to completion, I really enjoyed my time with it. Sure it didn't have a story and it got quite repetitive, the gameplay was rock solid and for that I loved it. So I beat Borderlands in the evening, I told myself I would wait a few months before I buy Borderlands 2, so I would not burn myself out. The next morning, I went straight to the shops and pic...

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Shake your wand like a maraca for Sorcery, no really. 0

The Playstation Move never really took off as Sony intended it to, Sony saw the Wii and how well it was selling and thought that they could recreate that with the Move. The Move didn't sell poorly, I believe over 9 million people now have Move Controllers. Despite the sales Sony never really did anything with the Move, they did a Wii Sports clone and added Move to some games that benefited from it (Heavy Rain) and some that were just like why not!? (Resident Evil 5) Over the years many games hav...

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A time capsule from the 90's. 0

Car combat is almost non existent in this day and age, the most we get to see car combat is with Mario Kart's Battle mode and even that is nowhere near as good as it was originally. No back in the days of the PS1/PS2 they were quite popular, leading the charge was the Twisted Metal series of games and for good reason. They were a lot of fun to play and were really the best games of the genre. But Twisted Metal - along with the whole genre - seemed to have just faded away into nothingness. The ga...

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One of the best Mario games in years. 0

The 3DS's gaming catalog has been rather thin since it's launch, the games that launched along side it were not hot bangers and in the months to come there really was nothing. The only notable releases were Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64, which were both remakes of N64 games. Super Mario 3D Land is at last here and I am happy to tell you that Super Mario 3D Land is not just the best 3DS game so far, but is one of the best Mario games I have played in years.That is a bold statement, especially w...

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Grip your Johnson and shoot your load all over this game. 0

Suda51 has made some cool games in his time, Killer 7 and No and More Heroes being his best pieces of work. Despite those games having such a cool artistic style and overall presentation, that same skill used to make them look great did not translate over to making them play great. So Suda's got a helping hand from Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil 4 fame, if you never played Resident Evil 4, that game was fantastic. They also brought on Akira Yamaoka, he did the sound for Silent Hill which had a b...

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If you need an extra WiiMote+, Wii Play Motion is a great choice. 0

Wii Play was a huge success for Nintendo, the game was average and wasn't something you would be playing over and over again, but it came with a free Wii Remote. Nintendo now have released Wii Play Motion which follows the same basic formula, instead of a giving you a free Wii Remote they give you a free Wii Remote Plus. The Wii Remote Plus is an updated Wii Remote that adds a level of precision and gameplay accuracy to a few select games, one being Wii Sports Resort. Wii Play Motion - again sim...

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It is just as you remember it, there in lies the issue 0

Super Mario All-Stars was first released back in 1993 for the Super Nintendo, it consisted of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Nintendo compiled these classics together and updated the graphics, added save features and fixed some of the glitches. To put it simply it was a great game, they made everybody's favourite Mario games worth playing again, and they were better. If you wanted to play these games this was the way to play th...

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Going on a car trip, don't forget this! 0

Complations games are nothing new, if you are unfammilar with the term it means that in one game you are able to play more than one game. There are alot of these about and they seem like good purchuses as you get more games for the same amount of money you would spend on one. But most of the time it's just an excuse for companys to make some quick cash on already done ideas. Well in steps Nintendo with 42 All Time Classics, (Clubhouse Games) which to the untrained eye looks as though your gettin...

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Who knew cutting a carrots hair could be such fun? 0

Wiiware is increasingly becoming ever so popular, it's a great concept so its well deserved. You sit at home and flick through the Wii's shop channel and buy some cheap and simple games that are made by a vareity of smaller companies small and big. It's a good place to try out new ideas too, you see in this day and age all new games are just sequals or prequals or share simmilar qualities of others games. Relising a new game type would prove to be too risky and if it flops you'll lose alot of m...

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Your getting it whether you want it or not! 0

So there it sits, the Nintendo Wii, all hooked up and next to your telly waiting to be used. You look around the newz channel and weather channel and upload some photo's with a SD card and even turn them into a puzzle, but the Wii has yet to win you over. So you go for the last ace in the hole, you pop in Wii Sports, the game that comes packaged free with every Nintendo Wii Console. Will this game show of how enjoyable and accsessable the Wii can be, or will it make you think how much you can g...

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Dive into the musical world of Elecktroplankton, only for a bit.. 0

Music has increased in games in the past years, there has been more involvemnt in the players abilty to create music. Whether your rocking out in Guitar Hero or jamming along in Jam Sessions. Well say hello to Elecktroplankton the new musical device on the block, but how does Elecktroplankton fare agaianst allof the others. Will it leave you gasping for air, or send you plummiting down into the deep?To call Electroplankton a game would be misleading to people who read this review, it is not so ...

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It may not have been what fans wanted, but it dosn't disapoint 0

 Warning - Fucking Long! Fans were extatic when Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was released, although there were a few things that they didn't like such as the playable character and the compliacted storyline which people are still working out today. Somthing that suprised fans was that the next Metal Gear Solid game would be taking place before Metal Gear Solid 2, infact even before Metal Gear, it would be taking place alot earlier. This wasn't what fans really were hoping for as the end ...

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With a little patience, you'll have fun with this game 0

 Warning - Fucking Long! Metal Gear Solid 4 was announced years and years back, and ever since its announcement people were talking nonstop about it. Every year they'd release another trailer which would reveal loads of information that would keep fans happy. Alongside MGS4 was Metal Gear Online, now this is not to be confused with Metal Gear Online that came with Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistance, that one is now locked and is unplayable. Anyway, people seemed were far to intrested in MGS4 that ...

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Despite all of its faults you'll love it no less 0

Super Mario Kart relesed for the N64's father the Super Nintendo was a smash hit since its day of release, and still holds a cult following to this day. It gave people a fantasic multiplayer experaince and immense fun, and it had pretty much limitless replay value and was in EVERYBODY'S Snes collection. Well eventully it would need a sequal to carry on the legacy, so they give us Mario Kart 64. So can Mario Kart 64 make it to the finish line, or does it crash off course?Mario and co need no rea...

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More than Brain Age with a story 0

Dr Kawashima's Brain Training "How Old Is Your Brain" for the Nintendo DS was an instant hit to a new crowd, one that people didnt really think existed, I'm talking about the causal crowd. Up untill then the causal crowd didn't really fit into the gaming world, Singstar and well...thats about it! But this new DS was perfect to see if it would win them over, and yes this game proved that point years ago. The game was bought and played by a variety of people old to young, the problem was it was s...

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Like the TV Show = Like the Game 0

Now Yugioh started off as a card game, which ultimatly turned into a TV show and then turned into this, Yugioh: World Wide Edition. The game is what you would expect, you batle many fammilar faces in a card battle. So will this game draw you in like the Jar of Greed, or send you packing with the Penquin Soilder?Well there isn't REALLY a story but the foundation is nicely set down, the game takes place in Battle City, and fits nicely into the TV shows timeline to. But thats about it, you are an ...

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It dosn't exactly make excerise fun but it isn't far off 0

Wii Sports introduced us to the Wii Mote and Nunchuck, The Legend of Zelda: Links Crossbow Trainng introduced us to the Wii Zapper, and now Wii Fit introduces us to a fine piece of technology The Balance Board. The game was hyped for quite sometime about it being the perfect mix of fun and excerise. is the game just a bunch of posturing, or is there some real muscle behind it?The Wii Balance Board is shaped like a household body scale, with a plain white top and light grey bottom. It uses four ...

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Banjo-Tooie, not the best name, but one of the best games 0

Warning - Fucking Long!   Banjo Kazooie was a true gem of a platformer, it had a huge cast of characters, loads of things to collect, great humor, terrific graphics and sound and a length adventure. The game was so good a sequal was needed, and it didn't take Rare that long to give us one. But has this pair still got a jar full, or are they all out of honey?The game takes place 2 years after the events of Banjo-Kazooie and Gruntilda the Witch is still where she landed and Klungo is trying ever s...

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Need your Nostalgic Fix? Look no Further 0

Shooters, shooters and more shooters, these are the games that everybody loves playing now-a-days. Whether its set in the WW2 setting or set in the "Modern Warfare" or even set in a huge city where you can shoot whoever you want, these are the games that plague todays childrens minds. It's opend up a whole online network where you have children swearing behind microphones boasting about how they "Pwned" you or telling you to "Stop Camping!". But if you go back to the time's of the N64 & PS1...

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Finished Super Mario 64? Time to mv on up to Banjo-Kazooie! 0

Super Mario 64 set an incredably high standard for games on the Nintendo 64, it set a bar so high that few games actully managed to jump over it in the consoles life cycle. It had done what few people would have dremt of, taken the 2D Mario games (Already fantastic Games) and turn them 3D into a brillant game with outstanding presenation and gameplay and ofcourse value. Now here comes Banjo-Kazooie, a game that in many people's eyes is a clone of Super Mario 64. The game also has very little to...

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As long as you don't think it's a Zelda game, you'll enjoy it 0

Tingle first made his apperance in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, he was a funny man in green tights who thought he was a fairy who seemed to be incredably greedy when it came to Rupee's. (there Currancy) He has made apperances in several other Zelda game's since then but nobody likes him in any of them, he is just a weird old money greedy luni as far as everybody else is concenred. In Japan he is liked a bit more so they released this game Freshly Picked tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. (Try sayin...

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