Best of 2011

Hoagie: Best of 2011

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  • (You've probably already played it.)

  • I can't recommend it to most as the anime-vibe and sometimes... mostly... frustrating block puzzles will put a lot of people off but the relationship story and the difficult questions it poses made Catherine one of my favorites.

  • This was my justification for buying a 3DS and it has justified well. The scope of each level is small enough that you can play in short bursts but if you obsess about finding every hidden item, you'll find yourself playing for hours at a time.

  • Fluid combat, dark story, great voice acting, fun collectibles. It's Arkham Asylum, but more of it. Oh, but this one has multiple Batmen. Bat. Men.

  • Convincing three friends to play a trivia game -- especially when one of the main draws here is that you're constantly berated by the host -- is tough. Once you do though, everyone sees the appeal instantly. YDKJ was a mainstay in my early PC years and Jellyvision did right by not messing with the formula.