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Brutal and interesting combat among less satisfying gameplay elements 0

Dark Sector feels like a difficult game to review. On one hand, I look at the hamfisted dialogue and the paper thin premise, as well as what seem like misguided attempts at variety in the forms of puzzle and vehicle sections and instantly want to dismiss it. On the other hand, I look at its approach to third person shooting and combat in general and see a lot of ideas that I genuinely enjoy. Dark Sector is at its absolute best when it focusses on the latter, though its preoccupation with the for...

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A beautiful, fun action game 0

Muramasa: The Demon Blade is a sidescrolling hack ‘n’ slash game for the wii developed by Vanillaware, most widely known for the sidescrolling rpg Odin Sphere and less widely known for the sidescrolling rts GrimGrimoire. Though it retains its predecessors’ painted storybook aesthetic, Muramasa has a decidedly more Japanese look to it, given the subject matter. In my opinion, it doesn’t surpass Odin Sphere in terms of the depth of its gameplay; nevertheless, it’s definitely one of the more worthw...

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