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Do video games still exist?

I don't mean to be reactionary, I'm aware games exist, but I repeat my question, do video games still exist?

I'm not a nostalgic type of fellow, but remember the days when Uncharted 2 Assassin's Creed 2 Batman Battlefield 2 Gears of War 1 Witcher 1 both Max Payne games Crysis Far Cry CoD multiplayer Red Orchestra etc.... were all over the place? Remember when the world was buzzing with quality games on a constant basis?

Years such as 1998, 2004, 2007, 2011, where are they? Can you name a year from the past 7 years that compares to those 4 examples?

Where are the big games nowadays? RDR2..... Spiderman.... God of War.... that's it? One big nice title every 6 months?

We sit and wait for Cyberpunk and Last of Us 2 while completely bored and have nothing to play. Watch Dogs is a disappointment, Far Cry 5 is empty and meaningless, The Division is a peace of shit, many games are cheap unimaginative money-grabs, every multiplayer game is copying PUBG and failing at it, Steam is crammed with random indie side-scrolling titles that provide no enjoyment...

Where's the mutliplayer insanity we used to have? There was a time where you had 15 different multiplayer titles to choose from, from CoD-type shooters to Starcraft to WOW..... Now it's either PUBG, Minecraft, Fortnite, GTA V or Football Manager. Battlefield and CoD have completely lost their touch.

Right now, what are you playing? When was the last time a game really excited you? How often does that happen to you per year nowadays? How can you NOT be bored of DOTA, PUBG, Minecraft and CS GO by now?

I have nothing against anime, but I predict that most of the answers will be anime titles, because it seems that's the only genre pumping out games!