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Snes games you shouldn't miss.

Ever wondered why everybody refer to the days of the Snes as the golden years? Well, here are some tips on what titles you should try out from the so called golden era. Hopefully, when you're finished, you'll get a better idea of what the hell these old geezers are talking about.

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  • A launch title for the SNES in Japan. As most people know, F-Zero is a futuristic racing game with VERY high speeds and awesome repetitive tunes that will stick in your head until you're dead and buried. But there's something really satisfying about looking down at the velocity meter and seeing numbers like 380 km/h, even though it looks like you're hardly making 50...

  • The origin of the multi-colored dinosaur that will eat everything as long as you ride it and punch it's neck. It's also the best selling game for the SNES (20 million copies). And if that isn't enough for you... it has baby Yoshi's and Bowsers flying around in clown heads.

  • The game originally released as Final Fantasy III in North America... what's up with that. Final Fantasy 6 was epic, not normal FF epic but "Why Squeenix Why did you have to make this planet so effin big"-epic. It feels a lot more different from the other titles of the series, more dark and more human in some ways. A remarkable feat for a 16-bit rpg.

  • In my opinion the best game of the entire franchise. Packed with spinning blondes, pirate lizards, lots of "Aarghs"s, stunning SNES graphics and long-winded geezers talking about the golden years. This game even has a Yoshi... well, it's a cameo but still.

  • Third game of the series, introducing the hookshot. Save the descendants of the seven sages, find the master sword and stand your ground against Ganondorf. Basically Zelda: Ocarina of Time but with a sky-cam, brighter colors and Pegasus boots. But it's a MUST-PLAY. I've never grown tired of finishing this game, it has always been a great time-killer and will probably continue to serve that purpose as long as the SNES doesn't blow up on me.