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I'm cheating this year, GOTY is going to be a little late so I can play more games.

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Sequels That Should Be Made

Sequels to games or franchises that I'd love to see happen, and how I'd like to see them made.

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  • This game was great! A novel concept for a rail shooter that managed to be a ton of fun. Because it was a one shot deal they never really expanded on it as much as they could though. Not only that but theres been about 500 pokemon since this game came out that they can draw from. Also it's a perfect fit for the Wii U. This one's free Nintendo.

  • There is a huge dearth of quality JRPG franchises that are still releasing games. Capcom always brought some really unique ideas to the table for this genre, and I'd love for them to take another crack at it on modern consoles. Just give it a graphical face lift, some familiar gameplay, and a couple of unique systems and you got me Capcom. You're welcome.

  • I'm aware this games had 3 sequels, and no I do not want a Final Fantasy 9-2. Originally this was going to be a spin off that was reminiscent of earlier games in the franchise, but was not a part of the main series. I want a sequel to this idea, a sequel to the spinoff series that never was. Square has completely lost some of their older fans, and so many people want so many different things out of these games that I think it would only be logical to create a sub franchise so they can please everyone. No Tetsuya Nomura (get Amano if you can), ATB system, not a graphical powerhouse that costs years and millions to make, just a solid RPG that doesn't try to do anything radical and tells a nice little story. I'm not one of the people who hates the direction they're going in, but theres nothing I can think of I would rather see Square do... well... almost nothing.

  • Plenty of people are crying out for a new entry in this franchise. I think both of these games are awesome. I'd like to see a game set in the same universe, that tells a story with a ton of new time periods (which come after the 2300 ad created at the end of Trigger), which doesn't evolve too directly out of either game (though has references and possibly a character or two from each), starring a new cast of characters (here's an idea, maybe the enemy is the one screwing with the timeline and you're trying to fix it!). The battle system should be an evolution of Triggers, and this game should be a handheld so they aren't restricted by the cost of making modern games. How would you do it differently?

  • The 3d platformer is basically dead, but I wish it wasnt, and there's no game I'd rather see do a classic return to the genre then DK. It would borrow heavily from Donkey Kong 64, though with less of an emphasis on collecting stuff and more straightforward platforming sections. I know this game will likely never happen, but a guy can dream can't he?

  • One of those Activision franchises that was ground into dust by annual releases, and a huge failed experiment. Give it some solid development time, borrow elements from games that came throughout the Tony Hawk series, play a little bit to nostalgia, but don't forget to update the gameplay for modern consoles, then release it as a launch title on the next generation of consoles when everyone will be totally willing to play anything. There is some hope for this series after Tony Hawk HD, but even if this franchise gets a little spark of life I can't imagine it will be very long before Activision murders it again.

  • I know Naughty Dog is moving onto newer things with The Last of Us, and that they've always discarded their franchises at the end of a generation, but I think the Uncharted series deserves to go out on a finer note than Uncharted 3. It was completely content rehashing everything that 2 did without bringing much of anything new to the table, and didn't offer much closure for the characters. Do one more game, focus more on story, refine the melee introduced in the 3rd entry, rein in the set pieces just a little bit, and give us an end to the characters that we can be content with. Then you can move on to do your next great series.

  • I know this game has had sequels since 64, but I'm going to pretend it hasn't. I want to see a game in that vein, with a little more story in between the missions, maybe some RPG elements to compensate for the pretty shallow gameplay, and some interesting moments of non linear narrative depending on how your missions go. I'd love to see the kinds of alien planets Nintendo could create using Wii U hardware and a cool art style.

  • This series feels like it's lost it's appeal to Ubisoft after Assassin's Creed took the spotlight, and it's really a damn shame. We got one great entry this generation, which I loved, though it received a pretty negative reaction due to a multitude of nitpicks. Ubisoft, wait out the end of this generation and bring us a new Prince on the next consoles, return to the spirit of the original sands of time, use the art style of 2008, and feel free to experiment with the mechanics as long as you don't focus too much on combat, and keep the core platforming intact.