Best of 1987

Being 10 was pretty cool. Life was simple, we didn't know unlike today that things like track-suits were tacky and my gaming world was great. I had purchased a Sega Master System with my own pocket money savings (even though I only got one game on it for starters) and I sprang in half for a N.E.S. Plus there was mum & dad's Amiga and PC.. Life was good, and these were the games I loved in 1987.

List items

  • Classic. The first game I ever finished. Mario is still one of those games that all kids love, it sits as a classic and it's a shame that kids today don't have games like this to enjoy..

  • Here's where my adventure game fetish started. While I never got to play this much on dad's Amiga. It was a classic, excellent story, funny jokes and hard for a 10 year old. Sadly I never got to finish it, but that changed when the NES port came out a few years later.

  • One of those games you don't appreciate until after it's gone. I'd played this one, but it was a big game, fun to play but I lost interest over time and never finished it. Then a few years later when A Link To The Past came out and I’d loved it so much I went back and played it though AND LOVED IT!

  • Another classic. There was nothing better than playing this with your mates, while talking like a skeg.. Gnarly dude!

  • This one was packed in with the NES light gun and Hogan's Alley. I used to get addicted to these, trying to get the perfect score. I got really good at it actually.

  • Okay, it was released the year earlier, but games got delayed a lot in Australia even back then. The fact it's based on some mutant form of football aside, I enjoyed playing this game a lot. It was dumb, much like Gridiron, but enjoyable.

  • A classic, which has recently been released again. Classic radio tunes, high speed, fun.

  • Why was I playing this at ten.. Well honestly, I used to sneakily play this when Mum & Dad didn't know, and I used to have problem with the copy protection questions, but when I got passed that I used to giggle uncontrollably. Thankfully the remake came around in 1991.

  • When you're 10. Playing with your mate as 2 Rambo like dudes killing baddies was cool. Looking back, it was repetitive but it was damn fun.

  • This was a toughie. But it always kept me coming back for more. A good challenge.