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Best of 1989

The 80's were drawing to a close and finally my parents were letting this 12 year old onto the computer more regularly as they thought I was old enough to be responsible in using it. Because of this, my tastes in games changed to more of a PC slant. 1989 was a good year in games. The eagerly awaited Mario finally came back to my NES, but he would be trumped by a new type of game, the city simulation.

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  • What really needs to be said about one of the icons of the gaming World. Maxis' granddaddy of all strategy games, Simcity was unlike anything I'd played before. It was brilliant. Many a day were spent trying to build a big city. And generally failing. Wonderful!

  • Of course it's another LucasArts game. This one was brilliant. The puzzles were difficult but logical, graphics were great and it was a nice addendum to one of my favorite movies of the time. If Simcity hadn't been released this would have gotten No.1

  • As much as I was looking forward to the new Mario, there was just something about it that just didn't click as well as the previous one. It was fun and well put together, but there was just something about it that just didn't WOW me as much as the first.

  • This was the most frustrating and difficult driving game for its time. I remember that I would always crash about 20 laps in. But the IPX network implementation was ace. I only ever completed those 500 miles once. Great game though, followed later by some great sequels.

  • Larry was back and this time I got to play this one without sneaking. It was probably the weakest of the early Larry games, but that didn't stop me. I played it all though and then went back to appreciate the previous two fully.

  • Maybe just a little too early for me to really appreciate. I'd never get too far into 688's campaign mode, but I tried damn hard. This game was very fun, very in depth. But I wouldn't really appreciate sub games until a little later.

  • A good basketball game and very advanced for it's time. I remember playing this a lot with my mates.

  • After the platform fun of Wonderboy. Megaman was a blind purchase, but it was a purchase that was well worth it. Megaman was a deep and enjoyable platformer. I play the PSP version even now.

  • Back in 1989, this a a fun game. Today, not so much. But when you're young you are easily entertained. I loved the fact you could mutate. Sure it was easy, but it took a bit of my playing time.

  • In the late 80's everyone at school was into skateboarding, including me. So it was no surprise that this one got there. Looking back on it, this was a dumb game. But when you're 12, the World is different.