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    Double Dribble

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Jan 29, 1987

    A basketball game by Konami, originally for the Arcade and ported to home consoles. It is part of Konami's "Exciting" sports series.

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    Double Dribble gained much fame on the NES as the first popular 5-on-5 basketball simulation. Previous basketball titles focused on 1-on-1 play, such as Jordan vs. Bird and the Atari classic Basketball. Double Dribble contained several features that were considered state of the art at the time of its release including speech, the inclusion of Sousa's Star-Spangled Banner, and cut scenes during dunks.


    Double Dribble featured 4 teams, the Boston Frogs, Chicago Ox, L.A. Breakers, and New York Eagles. The teams were not officially licensed, but were based off of popular NBA teams. The teams had cheerleaders and funky mascots that would entertain during halftime.

    The overall controls and accuracy of shooting were standout features. Shooting was said to have a realistic feel and 3-pointers were accompanied by a sound effect that helped emphasize the importance of the shot.

    A single player and versus mode were included.


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