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I_smell's creative blog, episode August

WELCOME TO I_SMELL'S GIANTBOMB BLOG!!!!!!! This is where I dump all the shit I crap out every few weeks.

At the end of June, and right after my last blog post, I took a serious look at Photoshop. I've never bin into Photoshop, cos I'm not a painterly person, I'm a slapstick animated doodle person, but after havin a tonne o fun drawing a couple dozen nebulas, I gave it a fair shake with something solid.

I was TOTALLY HAPPY with what came out, and how much it looked like nothing I've ever drawn before, cos I usually draw in vector art. So this is a new thing for me, and this style's always been out of reach, so it feels really great to be making stuff like this:

PUNCHgunner! is that game I'm making. It's a working title.
PUNCHgunner! is that game I'm making. It's a working title.

I'm taking a break from PUNCHgunner! to round out some other stuff. A FUNNY THING HAPPENED THE OTHER DAY with this though: I got some technical art advice from some dude on a forum. Then like the next day I was lookin at some Diable 3 thing someone mentioned and HEY I'VE SEEN THAT AVATAR BEFORE!!! A fucking lead artist at Blizzard is who that dude was! NUTS, RIGHT?? The internet's a small place!

Someone who's a good artist pointed out to me that the picture above isn't all that great. He told me about using colours and contrast in a smart way, and I should think about what my focal point is in future, and think more about the full zoomed-out composition of what I'm making. So I took his advice and MADE THIS, which I just finished yesterday. You can read about what the idea was underneath the image. THE REVENGE OF EL DOROBO!!!!

IN GIANTBOMB RELATED NEWS, did anyone else catch this?

Fuck, man, I just don't know what to think any more. Was this Quick Look staged the whole time? What else are they hiding from us? What other minigames has John Drake illegitimately won? Check out the rest of my Youtube channel if you like... hilarious bullcrap?

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At my actual job this month, I drew about the hundredth image of a mascot for a Dutch Flash-game website!

These ones all got rejected for being drawn weird. Not that I'm complaining, because this character rulz and is a cool guy!

STEAM GREENLIGHT is NEXT WEEK!!!!!!I'm preparing stuff for our page on there now. IS THIS NO TIME TO EXPLAIN's LAST CHANCE TO GET ON STEAM??? ...Yes it definately is! I'm not super confident about it. Who knows what splendorous games we'll be competing with? Will our character and personality be enough to boost us above games with the raw man-power of 2... possibly even 3 people working on them? How many games will be on Steam Greenlight on day one? 50? 300? You KNOW only one game will be the example that all game sites use when they say "Steam Greenlight launches today, here's a screenshot of what a game page looks like"... if only there were some videogame news website I had some leverage with!