Let's Play Portal 2 Coop

  Hello GB community!

I'll just cut the fat from this post and say I've been producing a Let's Play series on youtube. It's spread across a couple of youtube channels but for these first 4... uh... I guess they are "episodes" I'll be linking from my youtube channel.

Now something to keep in mind is these first 4 are a little rough. My partner on the other end hadn't done anything like this before and we experienced a few technical difficulties before and during the capture sessions. I'd say we really start to get things together around part 5 or 6. Both of us are now familiar with how this works so hopefully we'll be able to produce these more efficiently. But the editing came through which is thanks to my very talented friend who will be known simply as "Brumi" for now. Maybe he'll see this post one day and speak up.

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Hope you dudes enjoy these first few episodes. I'll update this blog post as I get more episodes up on my youtube. Please drop in on www.youtube.com/brumisator and give some props as he did the bulk of the editing. All I did was suggest this idea and do all the PS3 capture work in addition to streaming the sessions out live. (Did I mention this was a live series first?) I will say definitely stick around past episode 4 as that is when we really start to get comfortable and things get better.

Extended Look: Dead To Rights Retribution

I don't do this often but figured that since I got some new hardware in the mail today I may as well test it out. Also I'm sick of waiting for GB to put up a Quick Look of DTR Retribution so I'll make one. Just gameplay for now guys hope you enjoy.
Link to live stream:


New Videos: Thursday December 17th 2009

Figured it was about time I started to use this space. Don't forget to watch all my videos in HD.
First up we got me and a random pubbie rocking out to some Ministry. Dude was a great sport and we even got gold stars out of it. Everyone send him a message for being awesome.


Next we have a Direct Feed trailer for the newly revealed coop mode in Splinter Cell Conviction.