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Added the new SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Quick Look to my Game Room Youtube Playlist.

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  • ildon posted a message on the post Giant News.

    This blog post doesn't feel like anyone who works at the site wrote it.

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  • ildon posted a message on the post A Relaxed Friday Stream.

    Every time Rorie talks about WoW and mentions how annoyed he is at the real world references it blows my mind because Vanilla WoW is COMPLETELY FILLED with real world pop culture references.

  • ildon posted a message on the post Kick Out the Jars (03/11/2021).

    @steevl said: Oh wow, that Jai-Alai commercial takes me back. I moved to Florida in the mid-80s and defintiely remember Jai-Alai being advertised on TV. Not sure if I saw that specific commercial sin...

  • ildon posted a message on the post Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection, Blizzard Arcade Collection, and Capcom Arcade Stadium.

    Brad you really don't have to keep playing the game on the hardest setting once you've demonstrated that it's really hard and frustrating on the hardest setting.

  • ildon posted a message on the post 673: The Internet in Your Pants.

    Legends of Localization did a good breakdown of the Zero Wing translation.Also apparently the Japanese version had 32 "endings".

  • ildon posted a message on the post Gamescom: Opening Night Live 2020.

    @elocl said:I have never touched world of warcraft but understood everything happening in the trailer since it only really references Warcraft III. I do not understand their, or at least Brad's confu...

  • ildon posted a message on the post 619: The Jäger Cube.

    @brad FYI, USB-C is a connector specification which is separate from the 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1 etc specification. Notice that USB-A has persisted this entire time despite those other changes.

  • ildon posted a message in the forum topic Fast 9 is drifting back into theaters this summer. on the Off-Topic board

    If anything, they didn't take things too far enough.

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  • ildon posted a message on the post 599: Podcasts Are for Vampires.

    @maitom If those screenshots are intended to sell me on RTX, they're not working. It just doesn't look $1000 better to me. Maybe it looks better in motion.

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  • ildon posted a message on the post Episode 205.

    I feel like I'm the only person who hates the GBA SP form factor. Yes, the screen was amazing compared to the original, but the small square size cramped the hell out of my hands. The original GBA fel...