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Resident...Evil...No More

Now I could spend this blog ranting about how awful the movies have degraded a wonderful part of video gaming history. But I won't do that. Except to say that the fact in the new movie Wesker is shown as being infected with the Las Plagas virus, which is enough for me to never see the abomination.
This focuses on Resident Evil 4 and 5. While they share the same name, and the same story line/universe. I have never believe they should be called Resident Evil. They changed everything about the games. It was no longer a Survivor-Horror game as I have come to know them. It was a action game, and slow paced at that. Now don't get me wrong the games, well at least 4, were incredible. Resident Evil 5 was just 4 with a different character and a co-op mode. 
I've just never understood the concept of taking everything that made the game Resident Evil and tossing it aside but still labeling it as such. It should have been a brand new game, not a continuation of a story that had been over for years.