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Field of Battle 0

Visuals are top notch.Battlefield has always offered a different twist on what everyone has come to expect from the modern shooter market. Some of the renditions have been reminiscent of an anime or cartoon; others have found themselves offering a small niche a free-to-play experience, while others have offered you the ability to wage full scale warfare of epic proportions on a battlefield that felt very much like a war-zone. Many who choose Battlefield as their shooter do so because rather than...

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Dark Souls: A Retrospective 0

When first presented with the idea of Dark Souls the concept was captivating. Creating a game that was meant to be more then just a challenge, it was meant to test someone to the very limits of what they are willing to take in order to complete a journey. For a majority of said journey the player is meant to feel like failure is the first option. Every encounter from the mundane to the monumental tests every skill a player has picked up through years of gaming. Muscle memory and reflexes meld to...

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Fallout: New Vegas shines through all the muck. 5

  Just like the great, but flawed, Fallout 3 and Oblivion before it New Vegas has a wide array of technical issues. But that is by no means a valid reason to not play this game. It can freeze out of nowhere and leave you holding the bag on a chunk of the game that you had forgotten to save, making you replay it. It also has a tendency to glitch in the same manner as its predecessors and when too much is going on it will slow down the frame-rate and make you feel like you're back to playing Morr...

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Looking out into a pitch black sky. 0

When you think of a survival horror game what do you think of? A wonderfully diabolical scheme by some disturbing memorable villains hell bent on taking over whatever they can by any means necessary. And of course your sad sack of a character gets dropped into this mess and has to deal with all this shit going down as well as, most of the time anyway, some deep dark secrets from their past waiting to jump up and bite you in the ass at every turn. There are of course exceptions to these rules, su...

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Ezio trumps his ancestors in every way possible. 0

 To be up front and blunt I hated the first Assassin's Creed. I didn't understand where all the hype was from. Yes the game was beautiful on a strictly graphics plane but that didn't take away from all the other pitfalls the plagued my experience with the original. So needless to say when I was contemplating getting the second it was a big reach for me to put myself out there after they had burned me last time. I am so happy to say my fears were for not. Assassin's Creed 2 corrects every ...

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