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Best of 2010

InKtOiD: Best of 2010

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  • Hands down my pick for game of the year. It not only continued an amazing story but it added a lot more depth and one of the funniest multi-player experience I have had in some time.

  • When I played this game when it came out, I thought immediately that this was one of the best games I had played all year. This thrill continued on as I finished the game and picked up the DLC for it. The story of this game sets it apart from any other game of the genre, and it actually creates a sub-genre that we could see start to take hold in the next few years. The story of this game nets it attention that should not be ignored.

  • This is an extremely good arcade game and should not be overlooked by anyone. Simplistic as it can be, this game will leave you longing and hooked for more.

  • What can you say about this really? It brought you back into one of the most intricate worlds and interesting worlds ever created in a video game.

  • I wasn't too sure about this game when it came out, as I wasn't a huge fan of GTA4, but this game surpassed many of my expectations.

  • What can you really say? It was the continuation of an amazing franchise. The changes to the multi-player were just enough to change it up a lot and to add a lot more depth to this aspect of the game. The campaign wasn't something to shrug off either.

  • While I generally don't play these types of games. There is something so addictive to them. Rock Band 3 continues this tread and takes it over the top.

  • This was essentially playing a movie. And nearly every moment of it was incredibly worth while.

  • I loved the first Bioshock and the second added a lot to this franchise. The multi-player is also something I found to be enjoyable and it seemed to be overlooked by a lot of people.

  • This game seems to be overshadowed by the fact it was a "God of War" rip off. This stereotype just pisses me off considering that God of War at it's core is identical to the old film Clash of the Titans. Oh well though, this game is fun as hell and is a great way to spend a couple of afternoons.