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Good But Not Great 0

This is a really good game but i personally had more fun wit this game then the first one. the story in the first one was better but the controls and weapons in this game were better. but saying that the the first game could have hve sat by it self and didnt need another game but some people needed some money. but the graphics were great and game that you should play if your a FPS fan or lover....

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Little good but a lot bad. 0

WET is a game that has a stupid name, but a cool idea just ends up failing. the idea of an old school grindhouse movie mixed with a sexy chick killing people sounds fun but just ends up being bad.  The Good The grindhouse Effect is cool it is something different and adds something to the game like when you die it gets worse and then in between levels they have these grindhouse ads which are funny and cool.The music is awesome and thats what they have something wright in this game. the sword is a...

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one of the best RPG games this generation 0

Fable 2 is one of the best RPG from this generation after really hating the first fable i wasnt hoping for anything really good but i just loved this game. what i liked about this game is it was funny but the combat was awesome and the missions are awesome but the side missions are cool the choices are awesome your evil/good choices.  what you can do in this game is awesome, it is an open world RPG and i just love doing different things and the side missions are just awesome like the moments in ...

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a awesome stealth game 0

This what i wanted from the first game but that failed and just got boring fast. but with AC2 i had so much fun, the stealth is so much fun and the kills are great and like the first one things to get boring but they add some cool stuff through the story but i got to say i hate them racing missions they pissed me off.  The story is about this game is the best and the characters and i do like the added building stuff for your uncle mario and i do like how things go on and the towns are great and ...

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Just Amazing 0

Red Dead Redemption is a western not really a 2nd one in the series to red dead revolver but really starting there own series off with John Marsden. the story is one of the best stories in a game and redemption does this so great that i just love this world and the gameplay doesnt kill it either which is great i love the missions. everything about this game is amazing from the writing to the characters to the missions and the music.  The music is one of the things i love, the score and the songs...

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A Game That Lives up to the Hype. 0

The Story the story is nothing much or amazing its about a planet invading another planet who are the Helagsht they are like the germas of ww2 you kind of the idea what the story is about. but the game starts out you arriving on the planet and you start shooting bad guys. so thats cool. the characters are cool but not much character devlopment just people giving military options and just saying stuff like “fuck that” when in war against Helghast. your side is also Says Higs which is a racist ter...

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Welcome to Murder and Twists 0

Fahrenheit is this generation point and click game, this is a great game with a great mystery with a great story with great characters in the game and sometimes feels like a old school game. with a story revolving around murder is one i am always up for.the story in this game is great because you have 3 characters to play from and each of there stories are very interesting and its an adult story which is good and is very intresting because each time you really want to find out what happens next....

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The First Point & Click 0

so it about time i review Broken Sword, this is not the first game broken sword i played, i played the 2nd one first when i got a demo with a magazone and one day i was at a Pawn shop and they were selling it for cheap as hell so i had to pick it up because it was hard to find. so you maybe thinking what is the game about ?The game is about Geroge Stobart is drinking at this CAFE that gets blown up and well he has to find out who did this with a French Journlist to help on the way while he goes ...

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Fun Game 0

this is not the best game in the world but is still a fun game, it looks great and the story is nothing you haven't seen in a ww2 game or movie or book. but what sets this game apart from all the other ww2 games is the tatical part about it.ordering your soliders around and the controls are good. the chectare animation is goood but its the same thing you have seen and played in any ww2 game. what else can i say about this game did this game need more time ? No its good as it could have been, it ...

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It's a fun game 0

first this is not GTA4 this is more like GTA:SA but in this gen. this game is so much fun, its not serious and doesnt take itself serious at all. you have a game where you create your self with so many options and a story about you taking back your hood and saints row. it was a fun experince.the game does not have the best graphice if you are looking for graphics go to gta4 but this game is not about gta4, its about all the crazy shit you can do. like sparaying crap over houses and what you can ...

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A Game that Improves on Everything 0

This Game Improves on everything from previous versions of Grand Theft Auto, Remember this game the series a 2d top view game now its a 3D open world game where you can have as much fun as you want from Driving to Killing, watching TV and going to Clubs and a lot more stuff. in this game there are a lot more stuff to do in this game.the story of the game is you play Nikko who has comes to live with his cousin Roman because he rich but he finds out he isn't and is in a lot of trouble. so Nikko ha...

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one of the best multiplayer games 0

Warhawk has no story its just a fun action game that you play with your friends online. i have had so much fun playing this game online, the best fun i have in this game is in the tanke driving and killing dudes on the ground or try to take the warhawks up in the sky. it may not have the best graphics but it hell of a lot of fun ranging from Death matches, capture the flag and so on. but getting in jeep is also fun but you have a range from vechiles and with the updates this can have so much fun...

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