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Dust is simply one of the best games worth owning a 360 for... 2

It surprises me nearly every year with Xbox Summer of Arcade that my favorite games this generation and even Game of The Year came from a small $15 package made by a small group of people or primarily a solo effort like Braid, and Bastion. Dust: An Elysian Tail is no different from this phenomenon and could very well be the best game out this year. If you have a 360 and can stomach the “furry” content of the game, then you should stop reading and start this amazing journey of humor, sadness, and...

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Bastion is quite simply one of the best games ever made. 0

A lot of times as a game reviewer you wonder what kind of game people like us would make. Certainly being exposed to decades of games both good and bad, popular and obscure that you would know what works and what doesn't, and most importantly whats good about a game and whats bad about a game. It might seem like common sense but so many games even with 70 million dollar budgets still get it wrong. A lot of games still don't know how to explain stories well, and fewer know how to present all the...

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Possibly the closest thing to a perfect arcade racer. 0

  It sounds like typical reviewer hyperbole, but honestly I believe that Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is possibly the closest thing to a perfect arcade racer. It's hard to believe that this game actually came out in the first place, as the Need for Speed series has been drifting around the mediocre scores of gamers since NFS: Carbon almost literally. it's hard to imagine that the less popular racing series EA had which was Burnout, taking up the Need for Speed name and making their own game un...

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A True Diamond in The Rough. 0

  The game developer DICE really surprised us back in early 2008 where a little game called Mirror's Edge was released footage of. What surprised us at the time wasn't perhaps the unique art style and stunning graphics, but what they showed really didn't play like anything else out there, and people wondered if the real game would play anything like that. Mirror's Edge is pitched as a first-person parkour game, with the object of getting from point A to point B, not by shooting people but by r...

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An adventure worth experiencing, but not worth purchasing. 0

  Like it or hate it Halo has changed the way shooters are made and the way shooters are perceived on console. It also was also the game that probably justified many people's purchase of an original Xbox. Come Halo 2 and Halo 3 it became very much the same situation. But the fight was finished in Halo 3 and the story of Master Chief came to a climactic end in 2007, however Bungie said that others have yet to finish their fight in the Halo universe and what we got this year was Halo 3: ODST.  ...

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Presents a new argument of how far story can go in games. 1

Usually when you pop into some gaming message board, you eventually hit the same “graphics vs. gameplay” argument. Story, for the most part gets left out of the picture. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey makes an outstanding case to present how far story can go in games, going beyond gameplay and graphics to give you an experience that can surpass satisfying the other two sides.  The Longest Journey is back to tell you it's next chapter. Dreamfall for those who don’t know is a sequel to an adventu...

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In many ways, its predecessor is an objectively better game. 10

Remember Prince of Persia : Sands of Time? And how that was a really good game with great puzzles, great characters, good story, great graphics, and well optimized difficulty? Well the sequel to Sands of Time named Warrior Within absolutely positively fails in all categories to live up to its predecessor. In many ways, its predecessor is an objectively better game. The darker tone clashes with the previous game's fairytale-like quality. Probably the biggest and most obvious change from Sands of ...

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To live again in Liberty City... (TLAD) 2

It’s a bit weird how this generation has introduced the inclusion of downloadable content, as on the one hand it theoretically allows games to be expanded in fantastic ways, but on the other hand companies like Namco Bandai and Electronic Arts have made DLC rear its ugly head. Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned not only proves a good justification for the existence of DLC, but also expands on the idea of what DLC can really do and sets a lead that all other developers and publishers should fo...

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Amazingly polished, yet flawed in some ways. 0

It’s a bit strange where Capcom is these days, in some ways they are the rouge Japanese developer that goes against the traditions of Japanese game design with games like Bionic Commando and Street Fighter HD Remix, but sometimes they fall back on their Japanese roots with some things like the online in Street Fighter 4. Resident Evil 5 stands in the middle of these two things, and what it results in is a game that is very similar to Resident Evil 4 that has solid and great action with amazing s...

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An Old Dog With New Tricks. 2

The Rainbow Six series has been renowned for its realistic tactical depth, and gained notoriety for the same reason. With a new range of hardware comes the next generation of games, and Rainbow Six: Vegas is one which has changed dramatically from its ancestors, and in turn gives a strong presentation of what today’s Rainbow Six games should be: a more accessible game that in many ways is more enjoyable than its predecessors, but which unforunately lacks the necessary polish to make itself trul...

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Intergalactic travel too long? Just play Mass Effect! 0

Mass Effect is a pretty difficult game to score because there are something’s about the game that seem inexcusable in terms of it’s overall polish and even flaws within the inherent design itself, but there are some things about the game that other games try to do what Mass Effect does but either never really exploits or achieve it, and in itself you may be thinking just like me of the question; “What made that game so great?” First off Mass Effect was made by Bioware. Bioware has typically done...

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Once there was a Bear, a Bird, and a Car? 0

Banjo Kazooie is, or in some ways should be Microsoft’s platformer mascot. It’s a shame that this game and its characters aren’t the spectacle, or not anymore since the N64 days. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting the newest Banjo Kazooie game because Banjo Kazooie: Nut’s and Bolts is a fantastic game that’s well worth your dollar. To get everything out of the way for a second, Banjo Kazooie: Nut’s and Bolts is still platformer. It’s just one that is untraditional in a sense. You are sti...

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Will the Dead Hear You Scream? 2

The survival horror genre has been one of the most loved and most loathed genres around. EA Redwood is now entering this genre in a big way with their game called Dead Space, and sufficient to say that Dead Space is one of the best survival horror games to be released these past few years. You step in the shoes of Isaac Clark, a Space Engineer who's sent out to investigate a distress call on the planet cracker Ishimura, and like all horror movies the ship is a death trap filled with mutated huma...

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Braid Review 0

Indie games are making a big splash these days with games like Audiosurf coming out of Steam, and Everyday Shooter coming out of PSN. But Braid is a game coming out of Xbox Live Arcade and promises not only to push the boundaries of what a smaller game does, it also seems to put pressure on what games can do as a whole. It's difficult to describe what the game exactly is, and many respects it's certainly an eccentric but very unique and very special game. To start off you play as a man with a su...

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