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Flawed but Close to Greatness 0

First of all, Shift seems really unpolished. I really think Shift is the latest victim of rushed releases as a result of a down turn in game sales. What's here is good and there are hints of a really great arcade/semi-realistic racer under the unpolished exterior.  The Good: Not your usual NFS game, in a good wayLots of tracks, lots of modes to explore Progression system is a clever additionGraphics are respectable for a multi-platform title Fun and addictive gameplayThe Sad: Bizarrely omitted c...

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Simply a Mess 0

This is what happens when profit focused management stifles creative developers. The Force Unleashed has moments of fun but is so weighed down with a feeling of rushed, poor, uninspired design and polish that you will probably start crying (at least on the inside).  The 'Meh, not too bad': Playing as Vader for a few minutes was pretty cool.  The Terrible:  Sparse check points are unforgivable in a game aimed to please a broad mass-market.This feels like a linear and unfinished beta of InFamous. ...

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A very unique and entertaining PSN download 0

 Although delayed a bit, Trine for PSN is beautiful, fun, clever and entirely worth the wait.   The Great:  Each of the three character types are fun to play as and are well realized.Beautiful and clever art and level design. Lots of secrets and power-ups to discover and collect.  Platinum trophy in a PSN download! Not bad! I love drop in Coop.  The Not So Great: Production value is a bit unbalanced.  Controls can be just a bit hairy sometimes, accidentally switching to wizard can mean real trou...

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Games Have Different Purposes 0

Imagine you got a job as a QA tester of a shooter like Resistance 2.  I imagine playing the early alphas of the game you'd experience something with seeds of greatness weighed down with bugs and a feeling of incompleteness.  This is pretty much what I felt about Terminator: Salvation.  The story is terrible, the game mechanics buggy, the action repetitive... yet there's something that works about this game that just might keep you playing for its whole 5 hours of playtime.  And one major bonus.....

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Gaming Perfection 0

I really loved Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.  I had none of the complaint of length or lack of replay value that I heard from others.  Drake's Fortune was funny, breath-taking-ly beautiful and just a whole lot of fun.  In spite of my high praise for the first Uncharted and my hugely inflated expectations for the second the wizards at Naughty Dog managed to completely surprise and delight me in every inch of this game.  The Great: You get to play the most astounding cinematic moments ever in a vide...

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