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    @the_nubster said:I've been replaying Prey recently, and I've really come to appreciate how strict the stealth in that game is. When you're ten feet up courching on a pipe, everyone will see you. Eve...

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    @hayt said:@frytup said: Those thinking this game may be a bit overhyped aren't really wrong, but they're also missing context a bit. Remember this came out between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of...

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    Ben, I would be honored if the Iron Octopus became your Rogue. You have my sword.

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    After the first unfinished, and subsequent playdate, with this game, I immediately went and got it. I am not an early access guy, but something about this game really got me. This game got me to get a...

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    Hey Duders! Any chance someone has already put in the time and effort to have timestamps for each podcast for when each category begins? Just curious as I would love to go back and hear the Best/Wo...