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Games that are going to be gathering dust while Skyrim melds with my Xbox

I'd like to think I can multi-task, but I'm just not. I'll definitely keep up with the Forza 4 Weekly Timed Challenge but otherwise everything else is gonna be hanging out on the shelf.

Best part is my fiance seems on board with the coming Skyrim addiction. She's got Psyche (a show she loves and I hate) on our instant queue and hangs out on the couch watching it on her tablet (with headphones). Talk about two birds.

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  • I'm maybe 30 minutes in...the first inFamous was the reason I bought a PS3. Great game, the second seems better, just bad timing I guess.

  • Also, barely started. Gonna have to finish before V. So, 2013.

  • Roughly 30 hours in, I think I'm mid 40's with my Roland, midway through playthrough 2. Haven't touched the DLC, gonna have to finish before Borderlands 2, so 2013.

  • First Madden I've played since 07. I really like it...but for some reason I'm only partway through my first season in the franchise. Could be due to the Cardinals sucking so badly in real life, not sure.

  • Assassin's Creed 2 was the second game I got platinum on PS3, and I'm digging this for sure. Definitely have to finish in the near future before Revalations.

  • It'll get a little action because of the Rivals and Leaderboards, but I made it through 8 of 10 seasons.

  • Campaign seems weak, and the multi-player just ain't my thing. Its fun, but I'm lousy.

  • Finished single player, finished horde, still lots of multiplayer, coop, and arcade mode left. No clue if any of those will happen.

  • Bought it recently from a buddy, I've literally never put it. It'll happen one day.

  • I think I've got the trophies for the different intros, but little else. It's fun, but I bought it as the same time as Heavy Rain, which was a week before NCAA 2011, which was the first platinum I ever got.

  • Bought it from the same buddy. It's not going in until Dragon Age Origins is done...I'm guessing 2014. Maybe 2013.

  • Played a fair bit the first week, but too many bugs pissed me off. Then I found out pretty much all my friends that had it and had been playing coop with either traded it in or sent it back to Gamefly. Good chance I'll never return to the island. But all said and done I enjoyed it at the time. Until I got rubbed banded to a bathroom.

  • Lots of fun. Great game. It's no Forza 4. But if/when I want to drive off road I'll play it again.

  • Picked it up to play coop with a buddy of mine, ended up getting some awesome four player couch coop with it. Then played some solo. LAME. This game is meant to be played with friends, in person.