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Just got home from La La Land. It was an absolute joy, a delight in every way. It's rare that I feel this strongly about a movie, one of those few that instilled me with a sense that "movie magic" can still exist when you've seen hundreds of movies.




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As someone who has never owned a Nintendo system either, and for some reason got intrigued by the switch, I am wondering this too.

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Never thought someone leaving a fucking website about video games would make me feel emotional, yet here we are.

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That was a decade ago? FuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUuuuuUuuuck.

Quite easily for me, it was COD4. That game was super impressive and so much fun. Though both Uncharted and The Witcher.

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Alright, made it to the Ogress boss. Anyone have any tips? The jumping attack seems quite dumb. I can avoid it just fine, but sometimes she changes direction mid air and hits me even though it clearly looks like I avoided. Limited area + her reach is also quite dumb. Also, seems like two attacks kill me and she can stun lock me quite easily.

EDIT: Alright, took me a while but I defeated the Ogress that felt really satisfying. Game seems good although flawed, but I think I'll just get Dark Souls 3 when it's super cheap instead to scratch my itch. Maybe when this is 15 bucks or so I could jump on.

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This game is difficult as fuck, yo. I like a bunch of it, but standard enemies killing you in like three hits is a bit too punishing for my liking when their attacks are that fast/sudden. I am all for games keeping you on your toes, and I loved Dark Souls and thought Lords Of The Fallen was decent too, but this just seems like too much for me.

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@castiel said:

The city i live in/near is big enough, but not so big that the risk of meeting someone I know isn't a possibility. It bothers me because I think it's fucking embarrasing to be meeting someone I know, who knows other people in my limited social circle, and seeing me on my own. Then it's out there: I'M A FUCKIN' LOSER WITH NO FRIENDS! I don't know what I'm going to do if that happens.

If they are even halfway decent people they won't give a shit, honestly. If they ask you about it, just be quick and honest then direct the attention at them if you don't want them to linger "I had planned to do nothing this year actually, but then I just though, fuck it, you gotta go out on New Years Eve!! So, what have you been up to/what are your plans for the rest of the night? Can I tag along/Buy you a beer/whatever"

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@csl316 said:

Doesn't this sort of game live and die by its gameplay and structure? Unless it's Amped 3?

Nnnnope, it's kinda Amped 3. Steep's strengths lie in the open world and exploration.

It's another one of those social open-world games (I know, yuck), but for me this is maybe the first time that I've actually enjoyed just fucking around without any real goal or sense of purpose. I played last week's beta a lot and while I enjoyed getting a gold medal in all the challenges and doing the Mountain Stories etc., I had more fun finding my own lines, making my own challenges and interacting and riding with other people. Seeing another player suddenly swoop over my head with a wingsuit when I thought I was riding down the mountain all by my lonesome was pretty freaking awesome.

But I do have to say that the game would've benefited from another 3-6 months in the oven. Steep isn't broken (it looks fantastic and actually runs amazingly well on my PC) and there seems to be plenty of content in the full version, but there are a lot of quality of life improvements and additions that could be made.

  • The jump timing is particularily strict and it took a good while until I got it down to the point where I could hit the releases reliably, but even still I fuck it up too often.
  • I don't really like the G-force system, it sometimes turns the game into stamina management and it sucks when you have to slow down during a fast paced freestyle event.
  • There's no fast way to travel up the mountain (aside from fast travel), which makes me disappointed that they didn't include snowmobiles.
  • You can't view the ghosts of other people on the leaderboards, and that kind of kills the competitiveness (IMO).
  • The trick system could be more versatile (you can't slide/grind, for example), the score multiplier and tally could use a little bit more pizzazz and trick names would be a welcome addition.

Regardless, this might be a day one purchase for me. It sucks that the end of November and early December are packed with big releases and having the same release date with The Last Guardian doesn't help.

Exactly, messing around this world is incredible. Last night I spent an hour at one single spot with my friends just coordinating super awesome stuff with the options, people wing suiting between/over/under people doing tricks, trick lines, flying between a dude and his parachute. It was some of the most fun I have had in a game in a while. Image quality isn't that great but I think people get the gist.

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@atwa said:

I actually hate the wingsuiting, I wish it was just a snowboard/ski game.

The physics are really weird though, I come with full speed towards a jump and feel I should totally get air off it but I kinda just flop over the edge and get no air.

If you press the left stick forward that kinda happens. You need to tuck (press forward) to get up to speed and let go before a jump. Also disabling the trick safety or whatever it's called in the options helps pull off flips and stuff. I have warmed up to that part but the trick stuff is still not as fluid/responsive as I'd like.

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@gkhan said:

@jacdg: How is the murder? Is there a lot of murder? I still have nightmares about that wingsuit crash from the E3 trailer.

It's glorious. You gain experience in a lot of different categories, one of them is called Bone Collector, so the more you crash into things in high speed the more XP you get in that. There are so many super tight rock formations you can fly through at breakneck speed and it's so tense. Usually you end up very dead.