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Possibly one of the best platformers I have played. 0

Why didn't I buy this game when it came out? Why did I wait until now? No matter, I have played it now. And I am glad I did.This is simply put a brilliant game from the creative, crazy and funny mind of Tim Schafer. You play Razputin, a runaway circus artist, who sneaks into Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. The camp is actually a training ground for a group of elite psychic agents called The Psychonauts. Since Raz doesn't have permission to be there from his parents, he will be picked up by ...

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One of the most beautiful games out there 0

Finally. Okami for the Wii. I had seen a bit of this game back when it arrived at the PS2, but being a person that more or less dislike Playstation, I did not want to know too much about the game. If I did, I would most likely needed a PS2 just for this game. But now it is here, and I knew I had to have it. I knew precious little about the game. I knew you played a wolf, which also happened to be the sun god. I also knew you could use the "Celestial Brush" to paint, and I knew it had interesting...

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