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Here is mine: 8M9-5PY-LXG

It's probably to easy to feature on the show, but I hope it's fun! The Bomb has taken over, and in order to reach it you will need to use three "keycards" to open the boss door.

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I find it kinda amusing how people instantly jumps to "this is awful, he looks all wrong!" etc when this is only a costume and makeup test. The show also appears to be following the books, which means it will be a younger Geralt by quite a few years. Oh, and they are based on the books, not the games. So why does everyone call this a video game adaptation, and moan about him not looking exactly like in the game?

I am looking forward to see how this actually turns out. While the author seems like a douche, I am glad he is on board. That paired with the fact that Cavill is a huge fan of the books makes me think this can turn out good.

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I would wait, even thought the wait would be long and possibly forever, if it wasn't for the fact that my girlfriend whom I am now living with has a PS4. Which means I now have a PS4. Other than my Switch I had more or less given up on consoles, but if the PS4 is there anyway... Going to get the game tomorrow. Might double-dip if it ever comes to PC, but not certain I will. It will be at least a year before it comes out anyway, so I'd know then if there is a reason to get it again.

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@asmo917: I think I only had about 15 people figured out by the time I had every memory unlocked. I guess I thought it would be more and more obvious who was who, just as in the first chapter you unlock. Once I realized there were no more memories (which the game thankfully tells you both in the book and in dialog, so you don't end up scouring the ship for one more memory that isn't there) I started to try and piece it all together. Since it at this point was clear this was not a "wait for person to say another persons name to figure it out" thing, I started to look at more stuff. You need to look at clothes, what they are doing, where they are, who they are with. Listen to accents and phrases. Nearing the end I did a bit of guesswork, but have later read that you can find out every person by clues in the game. One memory in particular is great for this, where a lot of people are in it without it seeming to be that many people. I guess it with the four Chinese crew, as they almost never talk and can't be identified in that way. Turns out that one memory has information that can be used to figure it out.
Also, for several victims the game accepts a variety of causes of death. So always put something in that space, even if you are unsure which of a couple fits more. Chances are it can be right anyway. I though it had to be exact, so I didn't put anything on a few, which I would have gotten right earlier if I had done so. Things like "falling overboard" and "drowning" for instance, to use a few non-spoilery ones, are usually both accepted.

And I have to say, I love the non-linear storytelling in this. How you often start with the end of some calamity, then work your way to the start. How you uncover more and more sinister and weird things as the story progresses. I am really looking forward to whatever Lucas Pope makes next. And I really want more games like this from other people.

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Since a lot of what I would have recommended already has been (seriously, read Malazan Book of the Fallen, it is great) I'm going to try something a bit different: The Bobiverse. Starts with "We are Legion". I listened to the audiobooks, which I might even recommend doing as they are awesome, but I am sure the books themselves are great reads.

I also liked the two Chronicle of the Fallers books. They are stand-alone books in a series called Commonwealth Saga, which I have not read. But from how the CotF went, I know I am going to read the Commonwealth Saga eventually.

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I had the same thing, just with Warframe (yeah, I know everyone is sick of hearing this).
Got kinda pumped about heading into Destiny 2 again, seeing how I hadn't played through any of the DLCs. And I played a bunch of Destiny 2, having all three classes played through the story. So I downloaded it again, and got through an hour of playing before I just... didn't want to play any more. It feels kinda sluggish, you can't really move about, the guns I had on me just didn't have the punch I craved and most of the enemies soaked up bullets. The few character specific things I could do didn't really amount to much either, as the cooldown on all of it is pretty long. Then you had the loading into the game, the loading to get to The Tower, then the loading to get to where I wanted to do some stuff, then more waiting for the event to kick off... I am glad I jumped back in before buying The Forsaken, because I don't think I'll play that much more Destiny 2.
In Warframe it takes half the time to get in, you start in your ship where you can instantly start a mission. I bet if I timed it would be able to be in a mission in Warframe before D2 has even loaded. Then you have the huge variety of weapons, where you can mod each of them to fit your playstyle. You also have the 36 Warframes, which all have four abilites. Some of them are buffs or debuffs, some are shields or augments, some are pure damage. But this means you basically have 36 classes, all with four skills. And you can build your Frame in such a way that you can use those skills a lot. And while there are bulletsponges in Warframe as well, you can build your Frame and weapon in such a way that most enemies can be blown away with one shot. And that is satisfying as hell. It's not like you need bulletsponges to make a game more challenging either, as the number of enemies and the damage they do to you can be used to do that.
I had played a lot of Warframe before Destiny 2, but after beating the story with all classes and playing on for dozens of hours, I put down Destiny to try Warframe out some more. So in a way I can thank Destiny for really getting me into Warframe. But man, it's hard to go back!

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Getting more into this one than any of the other Zachtronics games I have played. Dabbled in most of them, never really "got" the different coding languages enough to stick it through. But this I somehow get. Although not at an expert level or anything.

The problem is, I only have one other person on my Steam friends who plays. Meaning I don't really have that much to strive for when it comes to optimizing my code. And some of the fun, at least eventually, is to see how well you do against others. Then try to improve yourself to beat all others. This game also is said to add an actual competitive mode eventually? Might already be in there, I am not that far. Still on the first edition of TWN.

Anyway, feel free to add me on Steam, and share your own Steam ID and all that jazz.

I'm here.

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I am getting close to the end of "The Gone World" on audiobook, and need some help with choosing my next one. These are the ones I have on my Audible wishlist that sounds appealing right now:

  • The Devil in the White City - True crime about murders and the World Fair
  • Room to Dream - Biography about David Lynch, with Lynch himself cutting in on the chapters with his own thoughts
  • Sleeping Giants - Don't know much about this one, a customer I helped with sci-fi at the bookstore I work at recommended it
  • Mortal Engines - Book one of the series, I hear this is pretty cool with big moving cities or something?

I am usually the one who recommend books, but I am having a two week holiday, so now someone else can do that for me...

The Gone World is great by the way, listening to it on Rories recommendation. Really like the mix of "FBI solving a case" with the crazy end-of-the-world time stuff going on.

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Coke all the way. Pepsi can go suck an egg. Not really, just wanted to use that saying for once.
Coke on glass bottle is the absolute best as well, though a dispenser Coke at fast food joints are actually pretty good. And yes, I can taste the difference. Can drink Pepsi in a pinch, as long as it is normal Pepsi. Something about the artificial sweeteners they use just don't work for me. Most of them has a really bad aftertaste. Goes for any kind of soda. The only one I can actually stomach is the Coke Zero Lemon that showed up here last year. It's actually pretty good.
And for the record, I live in Norway, so we have that proper sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. I hear that is a big difference.

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@devise22 said:

I feel like every year around summer this type of question gets asked, and every year people make like it's some new thing. Don't get me wrong, if you'd like to see more Quick Looks of lesser known things during the summer month, I think that is absolutely a constructive suggestion (if delivered as such). But the impression that it's some new thing and this site is changing that comes with this every year, give me a break.

This site doing longer playthroughs of games for Premium Features, or "Gimmicks" as Premium Features like Demo Derby Ranking of Fighters etc is super long standing. Demo Derby and RoF are both in the same vein as Flight Club, Old PC Games, TNT. And it doesn't matter if it is Yakuza or Shenmu or Until Dawn or do I need to keep listing? For years this site has output premium features dedicated to more extensive longer looks at games. And for years the QL schedule has been heavier during the early parts of the year, dryer during the summer and then a bit heavier again during the fall as more games get released. But the longer playthrough stuff has always been constantly heavy throughout the year except for during E3.

Yeah, this right here. Been here since the start, and this happens every summer.
Also, as a Norwegian I have the usual three-week summer vacation thing going on, and I would love it if everyone working at Giant Bomb got the same. If that means almost no new content for a month, so be it. They work hard all year and deserves some rest and quality time with families during the summer.