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Best of 2009

JDMan1313: Best of 2009

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  • Dragon Age kept me captivated in its story and combat from start to finish. It was one of those games that kept me up at night thinking about it. Not to mention it was a pretty good console port of very PC style game.

  • Playing co-op borderlands with my friends was one of the most fun and addicting gaming experiences I've had since back when I played WoW.

  • The last BF game I played was 1942, of which I was a big fan, but after that I lacked the super PC to play them, figuring that they couldn't replicate the BF experience on console I didn't purchase Bad Company and couldn't care less about its sequel. After giving into nostalgia for 1942 and cheap 15$ price point, I discovered that they can do a BF game on console well.

  • Both Lost and Damned were very fun, refined GTA experiences, loved them both.

  • Blowing shit up is fun.

  • Never played the original MW or WaW so I'm just now getting bit by the Call of Duty bug.

  • I didn't play many games from this year but Assassin's creed II looks cool and is definitely the game I'll pick up next., so its my number 9!

  • Same story here...