Games that blew my mind.

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  • Cosmology of Kyoto blew my mind. Become a denizen of Heiankyo, the ancient version of Kyoto. You are doomed to die, and when you die you find yourself in one of six Buddhists hells depending on your actions in life. When I found enlightenment, I was sad the game was over.

  • When Braid slightly revealed it' plot, I desperately wanted to know what it meant after I beat the game. Reading about the game suddenly revealed everything about what the game meant, and the alternate ending was almost as mind blowing as the real plot of Braid.

  • Why Bioshock is mind blowing is to spoil its best part. Its ending was subpar, but what happens before the ending and after the beginning has something special that crumbled the foundation that I had built that I was playing the video game, and it was not playing me.