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Fable II: Good and bad 0

Fable II has a lot going for it. A huge world where everything can be bought from items and weapons to shops and houses. An alignment system that affects your looks and how people in the world react to you. An ability to choose the gender of your hero, buy clothes, dye them, style your hair, apply makeup and beards and so forth make a great customization tool for role-players. A social and relationships system akin to The Sims 2 where different emotions you reflect cause different results and ca...

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Phoenix Wright series saves the best for last 0

The Phoenix Wright series of the Ace Attorney franchise has certainly felt like a strange squeeze onto the DS considering there's very little that's new compared to the original gameboy advance iterations. It seems only the first game had a bonus act that used the DS to its nearly full capacity, while both Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations lack these bonus features.However, if you had played the previous games this episode in the Phoenix Wright series completely wraps up the game serie...

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Saving Data~ 0

The Phoenix Wright series prides itself with storytelling that takes place in and around the crime scenes and court of law during each case. Much like games like Trauma Center or visual novels, the game uses a very Japanese presentation, that being a simplistic character over a background 2D style with a text overlay. The game's story will take precedence over the graphics, as the lawyer Phoenix Wright you will be taking mostly innocent victims of circumstance and protecting them from certain de...

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Great music, fun game, could have been better 0

Seven Minutes has its own short story in mind, the gameplay itself is purely masocore, as eloquently put by the game's description. Death, again and again with little to no consequences, and a total 7 minutes to survive. The initial 7 minutes are trial and error before discovery leads to the path you're meant to take. Once you've reached the end of this path, which took me two plays through to get to the end in under 7 minutes, you realize that there's another ending.The ever-dissipating atmosph...

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The hidden story made my jaw drop 0

Braid has a story, hidden within its time-oriented gameplay elements that help sell it of Tim and his search for the princess. Even at the ending it left me guessing as to what it all meant. The gameplay itself is mind-bending, each time asking your mind once you've gotten used to a particular kind of gameplay to reset and relearn from the beginning new ways to control time to complete objectives by unlocking doors and retrieving pieces of the puzzles that reveal the life of Tim.  But even when ...

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An interactive novel 0

Hotel Dusk is an interactive visual novel. You can see what is happening while you're reading and starting the events yourself, but gameplay takes a backseat while the story does drives the game.The story focuses around Kyle Hyde, a former police detective whose partner Bradley went rogue three years ago. The only clue he has is Hotel Dusk, and following that lead is the only thing that Hyde feels might shed some light on why Bradley betrayed him all those years ago. The various characters you'l...

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A fun yet short DS title 0

If you've ever watched Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star, you've seen Kenshiro lay waste to his enemies with his ATATATATATA Bruce Lee sounding attacks that blow his enemies to bits. Well that's exactly what you get to do in this game, but even better, it follows the plot of the comic books and skips the filler. So not only do you get to enjoy the action, but if you've got some knowledge of Japanese, or if you've seen the series before, you can enjoy the story as well.The game is split up int...

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A less than steller entry in the series 0

The only other game I can compare this to is We Love Katamari, which is a game I had for the PS2 that is also part of the Katamari franchise. I did not play the original Katamari Damacy, so I can only compare We Love Katamari to Beautiful Katamari. I will say that I think We Love Katamari is the better game, with more original ideas and better gameplay.Beautiful Katamari is a short game if you play to win. Roll up things to make your katamari bigger under time limits, or with special conditions....

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Quite the Cosmology 1

Have you ever caught something out of the corner of your eye and tried to follow it with your vision for a moment only to realize nothing was there? We human beings have an involuntary reflex to follow this kind of movement instinctively.  In the Cosmology of Kyoto while on the far edge of Heiankyo (ancient Kyoto). I caught sight of a woman in the woods at night with the corner of my eye for only an instant. I followed her into the forest until I could no longer see her. It was then that a man a...

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A must play for PS3 owners 0

Despite his appearance, Nathan Drake is a not so ordinary man. He can scale large walls, perform jumps and react faster than most of us can only imagine. He can take down entire squads of well-armed men with only a T-shirt and jeans. But that is only when Nathan is at his best.Every time you think you've got the hang of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Nate will die horribly from a fall, sniper shots, explosions, and plain gunfire. This is the only game where the AI has actually aggressively flanked ...

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It leaves you wanting more 0

Metal Gear Solid 4, in a lot of ways, feels like more than a game. Its cinematic elements play a much greater role than any of the gameplay, which is easily substandard to the story-telling. The action thrill ride of some of the events, the twists in the plot, and the sheer madness of Hideo Kojima's randomly breaking the 4th wall and then immediately dropping you back into a very serious and emotional plot. By the end of the game everything feels unreal, and you just kind of gape at the screen f...

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Episode 1: Bugtastic 0

So I played through American McGee's Grim in a very short time during the free 24 hour period. It seemed to take about half-an-hour to beat the first episode. The game has a story element that starts the game off, where Grimm is the narrator and the townsfolk talk and such. However, during this segment the game's voice acting sound effects go up and down in volume, sometimes to the volume of a whisper and then suddenly the volume triples and you have to keep your hand on the volume button the en...

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Lived up to the hype 1

I was not a huge fan of the turn-based isometric Civilization series of old. Civilization III was a good game that I played once or twice, but it never had enough to really make me strive for just one more turn. The Civilization games are empire building turn-based strategy games, although that may not sound very interesting, Civilization IV took a massive step forward for the franchise and the genre; it's is not just a game, it's an addiction.After following its development, Civilization IV is ...

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I love this game. 0

Despite its less than stellar name and relatively unknown status, it's one of the best games I have ever played. A game that blends the colorful world of casual gaming and the endless gameplay of hardcore gaming by creating an overworld sandbox of galactic exploration that encompasses a vast amount of sub-genre missions and events that take advantage of turn-based space combat, real-time strategy ground battles, text-adventure styled missions, and even arcade style black hole deathmatches.Upgrad...

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