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Great music, fun game, could have been better

Seven Minutes has its own short story in mind, the gameplay itself is purely masocore, as eloquently put by the game's description. Death, again and again with little to no consequences, and a total 7 minutes to survive. The initial 7 minutes are trial and error before discovery leads to the path you're meant to take. Once you've reached the end of this path, which took me two plays through to get to the end in under 7 minutes, you realize that there's another ending.

The ever-dissipating atmosphere, the classic 8-bit style music indicating the danger, the ever-taunting deity figure, and arcade gameplay with no penalties for death and constant respawn make 7 minutes really fun to play.  Some find the up key to jump being confounding, while I found it to get the job done just fine. The only thing the game lacks is a boss battle and a little more depth to the story, and in general more gameplay. While the game is titled seven minutes, it'll take an average of 14 or more to fully complete the game, which will leave most wanting more.

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