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Let's get out of this town, drive out of the city, away from the crowds... 0

Firewatch is a game which sets out to do just a very few relatively simple things. On a conceptual level, it sounds fairly unambitious and even limited. This is a game where the story is the draw and, while it is far more interactive than other games where that is the case, it is entirely devoid of what you might call "challenge" or "achievement", at least in the mechanical senses.There is no explicit fail state in Firewatch. Failing is a temporary condition which lasts only as long as it takes ...

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Solid, but not for everyone 0

Thanks to Sony declining to renew their deal, and FOM taking years to sign a new one with Codemasters, there has not been a new Formula 1 game since F1: Championship Edition released way back in 2007 - almost 3 years ago. Even then, that game was based on the 2006 season, so it was outdated, a mere upgrade of the already available F1 2006. This has left F1 fans starved of their video game fix. F1 2009 is the first attempt from Codemasters to satiate that hunger.   2009 McLaren on the Singapore N...

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It's...How do I put this..? Exciting! 0

Excite Truck was one of the first Racing Games released for Nintendo's Wii. Based on the Excite Bike Series of days gone by, it takes a tricks and scoring-based approach, with players ranked based on the number of Stars they earn in a race by performing various stunts and so on as well as finishing position.Since it's a Wii title, the racing is handled using motion controls, with the Wii Remote acting as a Steering Wheel - which is an experience greatly enhanced by the Wii Wheel or a third party...

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