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Annualesque Platformer Speedruns

One thing I do is have an annual speedrun of the Super Mario Bros. games, as well as Super Mario World.  I've posted a review on Super Mario World, and the others are pretty good as well.  So here's what I do.

  1. Get some music.  Tradition dictates Billy Joel and Elton John.
  2. Pop in a Mario platformer.  Before this year, it was Super Mario All-Stars for pre-SMW games.
  3. Time myself in playing the game.
  4. Play another game.
So far I've done Super Mario Bros. (warps, 6'39.33") and Super Mario Bros. 2 (warps, 18'46.95"), and I'm working on no warps SMB2.  Very tough, even compared to the All-Stars version of SMB2.

Duck Tales

A good deal of fun, with great music to go along with it.  Too bad there is almost 0 chance of a remake without the Disney games license.



Sonic for many reasons, one of which is human-kissing related.  They should bring back two player split screen races like in Sonic 2 and 3.  That wouldn't bring it back, but it would be awesome.