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Best of 2013

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  • Naughty Dog's look back at the generation bridges the gap between faceless protagonists (CoD) and the illusion of player agency (Mass Effect). It's also an incredible story about two of the most believable characters ever in a video game. It's also a fun as hell third person shooter. It's the best game of 2013.

  • Will the circle be unbroken

    By and by, by and by?

    Is a better home awaiting

    In the sky, in the sky?

  • How many times have you talked about a game saying, "oh, it really gets good once you get X hours in." DmC is crazy go nuts bananas from about 15 minutes in. And it's the best character action game ever made.

  • Or, how Nintendo learned to stop worrying and let players figure things out on their own. The magic is back in the series, in a way it hasn't been since perhaps the original Link to the Past.

  • Rockstar's victory lap, where they put all the lessons they've learned from their output this generation into one last, incredibly solid game.

  • A good story, exceptionally well told. Exploring the extremely detailed house brought to life stories big and small at the players own pace.

  • A much needed breath of fresh air into the series. I'd love to see them combine the sense of exploration with the cool platforming of the earlier games in the series next outing!

  • I like that this game seems to actively dislike the player. Great sense of humor, countless opportunities for discovery.

  • Mind blowing puzzles. How did it take so long for a game developer to free themselves from the spacial constraints of the real world?

  • My first foray into the SMT world did not disappoint. Rich combat, delightful fusion system, great interface. A refreshingly great JRPG.