Musings from me. Also I want that quest point.

I'm just gonna list off some things I've been thinking about recently. 

  • Using ice in your drinks is dumb if the drink is already just waters down the flavor! 
  • People take things way too seriously.  Really, there aren't that many things in life that need to be taken completely seriously, and shouldn't be laughed at once in a while. 
  • The two party system sucks. 
  • Highschool prom is fun, but when you think about it, kind of ridiculous, i mean i spent like 200 bucks.  That's some crazy shit for a 4 hour dance. 
  • Broken Bells is by far the best album I've heard from this year.
  • Random hook-ups rape and bastardize the whole concept of love, and i find them a bit disgusting.
  • Starcraft 1 i still really fun, and god damnit I want an SC2 beta key!
  • Puzzle Fighter is also really fun
  • Sometimes I wish I were a child of the 80s, and had lived through the arcade era.
  • Living in Alaska sucks, it's cold and hardly any bands come here, and I'm glad I'm graduating this year
  • Although, I am really fucking scared because I'm in a really good relationship and my girlfriend is going to be an 8 hour drive away from where I'm going to college
  • I really should be writing my magnum opus right now
  • Speaking of which, I'm writing it on how video games don't cause real world violence.  Topical, I know.
  • I think that's about it for now, not that anyone is reading this anyway.
  • Quest Complete!