RIP Halo 2 Online

Halo 2 was one of the first games I was decent at (or at least I thought I was at the time :P) and I clearly remember the day it got here, and I eagerly awaited it's arrival that morning since I had it on preorder.  It was the first game I remember being super excited for to come out.  I was in 7th grade.  Honestly, Halo 2 accounts for, or at least was involved in probably the majority of my good memories of middle school.  Granted, this was probably because middle school was pretty shitty, but still, I have many fond memories of late nights of gaming with my friends online or at birthday parties with a few xboxes hooked up.  This game paved the way for my xbox addiction, and my love of online shooters, and I'm sure the same is true of many other people. 
People always bitch about the Halo series (mostly because it's popular I think) but honestly, it's probably my favorite series, and I'm a fairly hardcore gamer.  Halo 1 was an amazing game that proved that shooters could work on consoles, and Halo 2 basically made xbox live popular.  Halo 3 wasn't as mindblowing, but it was still a lot of fun, as was ODST, and I'm not excited for any other upcoming game as much as I am for Reach.   
Anyways, tonight I spent way too much time, and stayed up way too late playing Halo 2 since the servers are dying tonight (although I stopped at 1:30 my time, 2:30 pacific time, and they still weren't down yet).  I got to play most of my favorite game types from back in the day, and relive my middle school days a little bit.  It was great fun and super nostalgic, and reminded me how awesome Halo 2 still is.  I even got to play some good ole tower of power on ascension.  I kept playing maps that aren't in Halo 3, and wishing Bungie would remake them for 3 or Reach haha.  I mean come on, why not put Blood Gulch in Reach?  It's like the best map ever.  And zombies on Foundation?  Priceless. 
RIP Halo 2.  You will be missed, and remembered fondly.  


Musings from me. Also I want that quest point.

I'm just gonna list off some things I've been thinking about recently. 

  • Using ice in your drinks is dumb if the drink is already just waters down the flavor! 
  • People take things way too seriously.  Really, there aren't that many things in life that need to be taken completely seriously, and shouldn't be laughed at once in a while. 
  • The two party system sucks. 
  • Highschool prom is fun, but when you think about it, kind of ridiculous, i mean i spent like 200 bucks.  That's some crazy shit for a 4 hour dance. 
  • Broken Bells is by far the best album I've heard from this year.
  • Random hook-ups rape and bastardize the whole concept of love, and i find them a bit disgusting.
  • Starcraft 1 i still really fun, and god damnit I want an SC2 beta key!
  • Puzzle Fighter is also really fun
  • Sometimes I wish I were a child of the 80s, and had lived through the arcade era.
  • Living in Alaska sucks, it's cold and hardly any bands come here, and I'm glad I'm graduating this year
  • Although, I am really fucking scared because I'm in a really good relationship and my girlfriend is going to be an 8 hour drive away from where I'm going to college
  • I really should be writing my magnum opus right now
  • Speaking of which, I'm writing it on how video games don't cause real world violence.  Topical, I know.
  • I think that's about it for now, not that anyone is reading this anyway.
  • Quest Complete!