KOF XIII First impressions

NOTE: I have only played King of Fighters '99 and I have few knowledge of KOF, so please bear with me. Also, I'm a shitty writer so I just wanted to do this for fun.

First of all, I just wanna get this out of my chest. THIS GAME IS VIEWTIFUL! THIS GAME HAS ONE OF THE BEST SPRITES I'VE EVER SEEN! As I entered the main menu, I was greeted by a tutorial mode. The tutorial mode was divided into 2. The 1st one taught the moves in King of Fighters, such as simple ones such as jumping, walking, etc... and KOF staples such as rolling, hyperhop, etc... and another teaches about the different meters of the game such as the life meter, guard meter, super meter, and the new drive meter. This made the game easy to learn, as it gives a good way of teaching the basics and the advanced moves. One thing that was missing though is teaching the REALLY Advanced Fighting game info such as hitboxes, frames, etc... but this might've been a good thing to not complicate the game for newbies. After all, those who really want to learn can just use the internet right?

I also tried the arcade mode, which has a great in fact. It was mostly enjoyable due to the conversations each fighter can make to his/her opponent. These little conversations do an excellent job on telling us about the fighter and how they act. Oh, and I forgot to mention that you can customize the colors of the fighters? There are some presets, but you can make some of your own. now I can't go deep into that because I haven't tried it. The Arcade mode even has some cutscenes.

Overall, I felt joyed by King of Fighters. The game looks great, it is accessible to some sort, and it has a great fighting system. While I encountered some sound glitches, it did not stop me from enjoying the game. One of my complaints though is the game's lack of originality. I feel that the new additions are copied from Street Fighter, especially the new changes, such as EX attacks and NEO MAX. EX attacks are, unsurprisingly, just like the ones in Street Fighter. They give boosts to the attacks,such as speed, more hits, etc... and require the same commands to required directional buttons + 2 Punch/Kick buttons. Even NEO MAX seems like the ultra introduced in Street Fighter IV. To pull one off, you must do the required directions + all punch/kick buttons. Basically, what it does is it goes into a black screen and the player pulls of a massive damage attack that usually consumes half of the opponent's life.

EDIT: I wrote this using IE and it somehow ruined the spacing, plus i wasn't compatible w/ Parchment v2. Also, I placed some new info, and will probably have a review up later.