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Future of Portable Gaming is... the iPhone? The Zune?

I've owned both the DS and PSP, and I barely ever played them.  Now that I own an iPod Touch, I've bought like 15 games for it, being that they're so cheap, and I play them all the time.  When I'm on the ferry or something, I want to play Bejweled, or a couple levels of Spider or iBlast Moki.  I'm interested in seeing some of those excellent indie games from Steam such as Audiosurf, Braid, or World of Goo on my device.  I'm not interested in seeing a dumbed down version of Resistance, or to see how nice graphics can look or how fast they can drain my battery.  I think the DS has got the right idea where they aren't aiming for impressive 3D graphics, but I'd rather take up space in my pocket with an iPod Touch, because it does a lot more than just play games.  In the future I think devices like the iPhone/iPod Touch and the Zune will be where portable gaming thrives (not saying the Zune's future is set, I'm just saying devices LIKE the Zune), and not on the devices built specifically for gaming.  I mean, it's so easy to develop a game for the iPhone, and there are so many superb games that sell for just a couple bucks, and buying and installing one of these games takes like ten seconds; it's just so much easier to have fun here than on one of those 'official' handheld gaming consoles.  
Is there anyone else with similar opinions, or is there anyone on the opposite side who feels pushing the graphics is the future?  Which direction will it go?


First Day Of Giant Bomb

I am happy to be here on the launch day of Giant Bomb, July 21st.  I hope Giant Bomb becomes my new site for everything gaming related.

I came from Gamespot, my username there was ag1002.  So long Gamespot, hello Giant Bomb!

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