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Finally coming around to 3D...

I used to absolutely despise 3D, calling it a pointless gimmick, and refusing to ever buy anything related to it.  Well, 3D is a gimmick, but it's not actually a bad one like most everyone says.  Instead of stuff looking flat, it just enables that second perspective that we're used to seeing, because we have two eyes, not one.  It's not a big deal, but hey it enhances the viewing experience that much more.  The main problem for me is how heavily advertised it is, being tacked onto movies and games like it was the main attraction.  Don't get excited because our movie is great, get excited because we made it in 3D!  As if we're all supposed to flock like zombies to anything with "3D" in the title.  That's what turned me off from 3D.  But remember when HD used to be THE reason to buy anything?  And now it's almost totally standard, I mean if you buy a TV that isn't HD, that's kind of a waste.  Looking at the Nintendo 3DS, where you don't need the glasses to see it, and seeing all the 3D TVs in the stores, I'm realizing now that in the near future, 3D will be part of almost everything video related.  It won't be long until it's totally standard, inexpensive to produce, and convenient to use.  That's when I thought to myself, will I still keep up the hate for 3D, even when it is just standard with whatever I buy?  The 3DS sounds really cool, so should I avoid it just because heavy advertising of 3D left a bad taste in my mouth?  I don't have to go out of my way to enjoy the 3D, and I can turn it off if I want to.  That's not so bad. 
So I've finally come around to 3D, accepting that it does in fact enhance the viewing experience, and it is possible for it to be done in a non-intrusive manner.  However, it is still just a gimmick, something we don't really need, but it's pretty neat nonetheless.